How to choose the right glasses frame for your face shape

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Whether you’ve just started wearing them, or are looking to upgrade your current frames, everyone knows that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to choosing glasses.

There are a number of reasons for this — eyewear experts Designer Glasses note that different face shapes can significantly impact what frames will suit you, as well as your eye, hair and skin colours, and your style and personality.

However, it’s the size and proportions of your face which will mainly impact how frames will look and feel on your face. So, before choosing a new pair of glasses, you’ll need to determine your face shape — although it is possible to have the characteristics of more than one. Read on for our guide to finding the right frames for your face.


Oval-shaped faces are characterised by cheekbones which are higher and slightly wider than most, with more proportionally balanced features. This works in your favour when buying new glasses as, effectively, all styles will suit you. However, to maintain the natural balance of your face, your best choice is to find frames which are as wide as, or wider than, the broadest part of your face.

You could pick walnut-shaped frames, classic rectangular ones or even a trendy square model — the possibilities are endless. Frames with detailed embellishments will also look fantastic with your high cheekbones, and you can go wild with colours and textures too. That said, you should think twice about frames which are too oversized, as they may detract from your natural features.


A heart-shaped face is one with a broad forehead, strong cheekbones and a narrow, tapering chin. Similarly to an oval face, many frames suit a heart-shaped face. You can choose styles that are wider at the bottom to make the top of your face appear narrower, or ones wider than your forehead to minimise the top of your face, making your chin look broader. Round and oval glasses are particularly flattering, helping to visually balance out your features.

The best options for a heart-shaped face are thin, light-coloured frames or rimless ones. You should avoid top-heavy glasses, as these will fail to create a sense of balance on your face. Frames with decorative elements at their edges can also help draw attention away from your forehead.


A round face has curved lines with the width and length in proportion, lacking any sharp angles. Choosing narrow frames can lengthen the appearance of your face, making it appear slimmer. Some of the best styles for a round face are angular frames, rectangular or cat-eye, all of which will give you more definition, and downplay the natural fullness of your cheeks. Translucent frames are an option too as they allow your soft features to be visible.

Those with round faces can be adventurous with vibrant prints, patterns and colours to add contrast. However, you should avoid round or oval frames as they will make your face appear even more round. Similarly, steer clear of bottom-heavy or oversized styles, which will cause your features to get lost.


One of the least common face shapes, diamond faces have high cheekbones, and narrow eye and jaw lines, making your face look most slender at the forehead and jaw. To complement your naturally angular features, choose frames which have angular elements — these will soften your cheekbones, while drawing attention to your eyes.

The best frames for a diamond face are narrow cat eyes, wider styles which cover your cheekbones, and semi-rimless glasses. Look for those with design elements on the top, particularly bold brow lines, as they can accentuate your brow and temple, evening out your angles. However, avoid narrow frames as they will make your eye line more prominent. You can play up your unique face shape further with funky frames, such as a horn-rim or cat-eye style.


Square faces have a strong jaw, and an equally proportioned forehead, chin and cheeks. You should choose curved glasses, which can soften the sharp angles of your face and add contrast. Neutral-coloured frames in beige, cream or taupe will have the same effect, while narrow ovals or arrow-framed glasses with more width than depth will make a square face longer.

Other options for a square face are glasses which sit high on the nose, adding length, round styles to soften your features and thinner frames, which won’t overwhelm your face. You should pick glasses that have characteristics that are opposed to your face shape, so avoid square frames, as these will emphasise your angular features.


A rectangle (or oblong) face is slender, and longer than it is wide, with a straight cheekbone, a long nose and tall forehead. For this face shape, tall glasses will help make your face look well-proportioned. You can make a rectangular face appear shorter and more balanced by choosing frames with more depth than width. Broad frames with colour-accented top rims are also flattering choices, as well as glasses with strong brow lines. Rectangular glasses will also work, as they can enhance the sharp features of your face. However, it’s best to avoid more softer, rounded frames which downplay your facial features.


If you have a triangular face shape, it’s likely that you have a narrow forehead and your face widens at the cheek and chin. You’ll want to choose glasses that have a broad upper part and narrow lower part to draw attention to your eyes. Styles best suited to a triangular face are ones with strong brow lines or cat-eye looks. With the latter style, you can opt for more detailing and pattern, like tortoise shell, leopard print or dual-tone, which will add width to your face. Semi-rimmed frames, or wide styles and oval-shaped glasses can also be flattering. Take care to avoid any that are heavily accented with colour, or detailed at the top half, as these won’t emphasise the narrow upper third of the face.


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