What Are the Benefits of Keeping Fish?

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Benefits Keeping Fish

Fish are one of the most popular pets in North America. The NPOS (National Pet Owners Survey) for 2017-18 revealed that up to 68% of North American household’s own pets, or a single pet.

Another survey conducted by the APPA (American Pet Products Association) discovered that up to 2.5 million North American households keep saltwater fish, and an astronomical 12.5 million keep freshwater fish. Similar surveys have revealed that there were well over 139.3 million fish owned as pets, compared to 95 million cats, and 90 million dogs, meaning fish account for the largest percentage of pets in North America.

This page will seek to tell you why so many people keep fish as pets, and what the many benefits of keeping fish as pets are.

You Have Creative License

Fish are very easy pets to keep, all you need to purchase is a simple tank and some equipment and you are ready to go. The professionals from AquariumStoreDepot.com say that the best part of owning a tank is not buying it but is putting your own personal touch on it. You can design your fish tank to look however you want and can rest knowing your fish will not destroy it.

With other pets, however, this is not the case. Cats and dogs will destroy anything that gets in their way. They will destroy your chairs, your furniture, your carpet, and anything you put around the house that is aesthetically pleasing. With your fish, however, you are free to turn your aquarium into anything you desire.

Aquarium’s give you the opportunity to become artistic. Aquariums are not just glass tanks, but rather showpieces and they can be very beautiful. Owning a fish means having creative license over your own personal art installation.

Health Benefits and Stress Reduction

Owning fish can show a reduction in negative health conditions and improve overall well being. Having your own fish tank can reduce your blood pressure, heart rate, improve your cognitive function, and improve appetite in Alzheimer’s patients. Owning fish can also reduce your stress levels.

Studies undertaken in the 1980s revealed that patients who suffered from anxiety saw a reduction in symptoms of up to 10% when they owned a fish tank. Fish can be very soothing and therapeutic. If you have been suffering from anxiety or stress, then you should consider investing in a fish tank.

They Make No Noise

Fish are brilliant because they make no noise. With other pets, it is not uncommon for them to tear around all night and keep us awake. Fish make no noise at all and you will not even know they are there. Some tanks can make a bit of noise, but there are ways around this if you buy the more expensive ones. 

Keeping Fish tips

If you do not want to have trouble sleeping for the next however many years of your life, then consider investing in a fish tank, as opposed to getting any other pet. The lights of your fish tank will likely have to remain on overnight, so be sure to put the tank in another room if lights keep you awake.

They Are Cheap

Fish ownership is very, very cheap. Compared to a dog, which you would be paying on average $1,200 a year for, a fish can cost just $200 a year to keep. Their equipment is very cheap, and the fish themselves also, providing they are not exotic fish. The larger the tank and the more exotic the fish, the higher the price will be. But, for an ordinary freshwater or saltwater fish, you can expect to pay around $20.

They Do Not Require Much Room

Fish are very easy to keep and do not require much room. You can put them on top of a chest of drawers or a table. They are hardly noticeable. Fish are very space conservative and mean you have more room to do things you want to do in your home and for other items of furniture. With a dog or a cat, their toys and beds would be lying all over the place and clutter up your home. With fish, this is not the case, and they require hardly any room at all. Of course if you have something larger in mind, you can easily keep bigger fish in an outdoor pond as long as you ensure to buy the appropriate filter.

They Are a Learning Experience

Fish are a learning experience. You can learn about their habits, different species, and the way that aquatic animals live. If you want an educational pet, then fish are for you, and you should seriously consider getting some. Fish are a truly awesome pet.

Now you know a few of the benefits from keeping fish, you probably want to go out and get some, don’t you? It isn’t surprising, they are pretty cool. If you have been thinking about getting a small, inexpensive, and space-friendly pet, then a fish could well be for you.


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