The Advantages of Buying a Property in Bodrum

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Bodrum is one of the most well-known resorts in Turkey. If you are thinking of buying a property there, in this article you will find 8 meaningful reasons to put this plan into action.

Bodrum is one of the most well-known resorts in Turkey. Many foreigners start dreaming about owning a property here after visiting this charming location once on holiday. This picturesque resort embraces two coasts, the Mediterranean and the Aegean, and spoils its guests and residents with an outstanding level of comfort. Below, you will find eight reasons to invest in a house or apartment here.

Bodrum Property

The Assortment of Properties Is Impressive

No matter if you aim to purchase a private villa, an apartment or a commercial facility, you will be spoilt for choice. Since Bodrum is an upscale resort, second-hand property here is normally maintained in superb condition. New construction fully conforms to modern architectural, ergonomic and design standards.

Bodrum is famous primarily for its luxury villas — yet there are quite a few budget options on offer as well. You will be able to choose between traditional and modern planning as well as renovation properties. Those dreaming of housing with a sea view will find it effortlessly.

There Is an Airport in Bodrum

In summer, hundreds of domestic and international flights land here every week. In winter, the schedule is not that busy but still one can fly to nearly any destination. It would take you approximately 45 minutes to get from the airport to your property.

The ground transportation is also very well organized. In remote parts of Turkey, transport infrastructure might be a bit underdeveloped: the road surface might be substandard and one might struggle to catch a taxi. But here, you will always be able to get wherever you want at any time of the day and the roads are impeccable. Buses always run on time and the tickets are cheap. Plus, there is a port in Bodrum that welcomes both small private boast, classy yachts and large cruise ships.

Property in Bodrum

You Will Enjoy the Local Leisure and Entertainment Infrastructure

Here, you will have all the necessary facilities at your arm’s reach: beaches, restaurants, nightlife venues, shopping malls and so on. You will not need to travel far in search of goods and services of the international brands you are most used to. Bodrum businesses know how to cater to the most demanding clientele of all tastes and ages. A big nice bonus consists in the fact that the weather remains warm and sunny almost all year round, so it would be a pure delight to get acquainted with the vicinity.

You Will Be Surrounded by an International Community

If compared to other regions of the country, Bodrum and Istanbul are probably the most cosmopolitan ones. You would not need to learn Turkish to be able to socialize with your neighbors. People from all around the globe are attracted to this piece of paradise and feel perfectly comfortable here. In shops and restaurants, everyone speaks fluent English. You might need to hire a translator only to visit a governmental agency or a hospital — but in this case, many high-skilled professionals would be eager to help you.

Bodrum home

Bodrum Still Preserves Its Local Flavor Very Well

Unlike many other cosmopolitan resorts, this one has by no means become faceless. In the town center, you can walk the historical cobbled streets and visit small family-owned shops of local manufacturers. You would listen to the traditional music and savor meals prepared according to the recipes that were passed down from generation to generation. And then it would take you just a few minutes to come back home.

Feel Free to Refurbish Your Property Or Alter Its Planning

The government does not impose severe restrictions on local housing. If you want to modify your house, it should not be a problem to obtain corresponding permission. You might add extensions, create an outdoor or indoor swimming pool, build a spacious terrace or a fitness center — both to boost your own level of comfort and increase the property’s resale value.

The Price of Your Property Is Unlikely to Decrease Over Time

The demand for Bodrum property for sale is steadily growing while the space of the resort is limited. When you decide to sell your apartment or house you can be sure to obtain a good price for it. The price of a villa might increase significantly over time if you take good care of the premise.

Get Access to Multiple Benefits

In Bodrum, one can fully enjoy the same benefits as anywhere else in Turkey:

  • Foreigners can easily get a mortgage in a Turkish bank when needed
  • If you sell your Bodrum property, you will be able to easily transfer funds to your foreign bank
  • The fees and taxes related to purchasing real estate are affordable
  • The procedure of registering the ownership rights is simple and transparent and the buyer’s risks are reduced to minimum
  • The quality of construction in the country is very decent and new housing is normally put into operation on time
  • The standard of living is high, while the pricing for food and most of the goods is kept at an affordable level
  • If you are planning to rent your property, there will be enough demand for it all year round
  • Those who would like to relocate to Turkey permanently can apply for citizenship in 5 years after purchasing the property

Turkish economy is one of the twenty biggest in the world and is steadily growing. It is a stable and rapidly evolving country in which one can safely invest their funds.


The interest of foreign investors in Bodrum real estate is steadily growing each year. This popular resort can boast of picturesque landscapes, developed infrastructure and a delicious mix of local traditions with cosmopolitan flair. The most coveted type of property here is luxury villas with sea views — but apart from that, there are plenty of other options on offer. If you are thinking of purchasing a house or apartment abroad, a property in Bodrum would be a smart investment regardless of whether you would like to rent it, resell it or live here yourself.


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