How to plan your retirement travels

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Travelling more is one of the most common things that people look forward to as they approach retirement.

With concerns like annual leave and school holidays a thing of the past, you may be able to explore corners of the world previously unattainable.

There’s a lot to think about beforehand, however, so here’s our guide to what you will need to put in place before you travel.

your retirement travels

Where do you want to visit?

Most importantly! Narrowing down your options will help you plan the perfect getaway.

Do you want to travel to somewhere you’re familiar with and have been before? Or are your more interested in discovering something completely new and immersing yourself in a different culture?

Are you comfortable with long-haul travel or would you prefer a much shorter journey? Is flying out of the picture altogether? If so, a staycation may be an option, or a cruise, or somewhere accessible by rail.

And of course, how long will you be away for. Is it a once-in-a-lifetime trek of exploration that takes up many weeks or are you simply looking for a short stay in luxury?

How will you fund your travels?

Once you have made a decision around your destination, it will begin to inform your budget.

If you are retired, you may be relying on a set income from your pension for the rest of your life and as tempting as it may be to go all out, this could have longer-term ramifications.

Before deciding on things, properly assess your financial situation to see what you can afford.

There are also ways in which you may be able to boost your pension pot. For example, many people utilise equity release mortgage deals in order to fund their later-life ambitions.

Who will you travel with?

Have you and your other half always dreamed and talked about travelling to a special destination? Or have you longed to return to a previous place that means a lot to you?

Well, now is the perfect time.

Similarly, you may be able to help organise a getaway with your whole family. Children, grandchildren – the lot – as you look on at the family you have helped create.

You may also wish to travel with friends that you’ve known for a long time to celebrate your friendship.

Who will take care of your home?

It’s worth appointing someone to keep an eye on your home while you’re away, especially if you are planning a longer trip.

This is particularly important if you have pets that won’t be able to travel with you. Either a neighbour you’re familiar with or a family member that lives nearby should be more than happy to keep an eye on things for you.


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