Go Balls Out – It’s time for men to talk balls

Go Balls Out – It’s time for men to talk balls – words Alan Woods

Let’s face it men don’t like talking about their balls. In fact we’ll go to extraordinary lengths to avoid talking about them.

The problem is that testicular cancer, that attacks our balls, is a real killer and so embarrassed silence is never going to get us anywhere in tackling such a vicious disease.

This latest campaign, with the great title Go Balls Out, has been launched to try and change the climate and get men talking about their bodies and testicular cancer itself. It’s hoped that it may help to change this atmosphere of stony silence to this aspect of mens health. April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and so this is a good time to help the dialogue along. The cancer itself is particular deadly amongst young men and is the most common cancer affecting men between the ages 15-39. The good news is that it is one of the most treatable cancers. If detected early there is a testicular cancer survival rate of 95%.

The other great thing to know is that simple forms of exercise really help to prevent the disease. Men’s fitness is the key. It’s also important to feel our balls for testicular cancer symptoms. With that in mind the Go Balls Out campaign is encouraging men to take up a challenge. Using a free fitness app we can go out and walk,  run, jump, cycle or even kayak around routes in the shape of a huge cock and balls. Men can then post images and the routes they took via social media using the hashtag #GoBallsOut to encourage friends and family to do the same.

Diagnosed at 19, ex All Black first five and testicular cancer ambassador, Aaron Cruden, knows first-hand the effects Testicular Cancer can have on young men and their loved ones. “It’s important for young men and their families to understand this disease. The #GoBallsOut campaign is great because it encourages positive conversation around Testicular Cancer and addresses the importance of early detection”.

To get involved is simple. All the details are on the website. You can use your own fitness app or download a free one. It isn’t just aimed at men. Anyone interested can get involved. It all raises awareness and it’s running with your friends around a huge cock and balls is actually pretty good fun.

Go Balls Out – It’s time for men to talk balls – words Alan Woods

Go Balls Out


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