Hawkers Launches New Eco-Friendly Line of Sunglasses, Alejandro Betancourt Announces

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Alejandro Betancourt

Hawkers Co. has long cared about the health and welfare of our environment. The company caters to a young demographic who loves getting out and about in Mother Nature.

It’s why the company is proud to present its new eco-friendly sunglass line. With Alejandro Betancourt Lopez at the helm, this company is getting ready to turn some heads. 

Environmentally Responsible 

Hawkers customers want to embrace the beauty of the outdoors, whether they’re at the beach or on a snowy mountaintop. Wearers count on these sunglasses to stay safe without stepping on their superior fashion sense.

The new line puts the environment front and center. From the manufacturing to the 100% sustainable packaging, the models of production protect our forests, oceans, and ice caps. The eyewear doesn’t compromise on quality though, providing superior glare protection to the wearer. The online review site Knoji confirms that Hawkers is committed to providing ethical and sustainable products to its customers.  

Who’s Leading the Way?

Hawkers Co. had a bit of a rough start. Started by four friends with just a few hundred euros between them, the company had big plans for the eyewear industry but not a lot of resources behind it. The founders made a smart move though when they asked Alejandro Betancourt for a little assistance. He’s been the one to help Hawkers Co. sell 4.5+ million pairs of sunglasses across 50+ countries.

With the help of Alejandro Betancourt, the company was able to hone its strengths to achieve its larger goals. One of the things that Hawkers set out to do was reduce the price of fashionable sunglasses, aiming for a maximum of just €30. At this price point, younger people wouldn’t have to be limited to buying just one or two. The company could only accomplish this though if its departments could adhere to sometimes razor-thin margins. 

Alejandro Betancourt immediately made some bold moves, shaking up leadership positions, finding investors, and fine-tuning operations and development. This entrepreneur has had an innate understanding of the business world from a young age. Since earning two degrees from Suffolk University in Massachusetts, he’s gone on to use his talents in a number of sectors. From crude oil to asset management, his versatile business acumen stretches far and wide. 

While every company and organization is different, there are some similarities to be found behind every successful one. Whatever product or service Alejandro Betancourt happens to be working with, he thoroughly understands the fundamentals of leadership.

Under his guidance, the company has hired more than 200 employees. Hawkers now has offices in Elche, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Mexico City. The undeniable international presence has made the company a force to be reckoned with. 

Marketing Savvy 

Saving customers money starts with conserving the budget wherever and whenever possible. To that end, Hawkers put much of its marketing efforts into social media and brand ambassadors. In fact, it was one of the first companies to benefit from Facebook advertising, managing to climb to 6.6 million likes and counting.

Between the creative photography and passionate language, the company is reaching its demographic on their level. The company encourages customers to let go of their fears and savor the beauty that surrounds them. They actively encourage people to peel their eyes away from the screen so they can go out and live their lives. 

The company also promotes its products with the help of brand ambassadors. College kids head outside and wear the brand in exchange for a variety of incentives. This not only gives the brand a strong visual presence, but it also gets people talking about how effective the sunglasses are at shielding the eyes.

Plus, it protects the company’s marketing budget by starting real conversations rather than relying on flashy gimmicks. With the new environmentally sustainable line on the horizon, there’s no doubt that climate change and responsibility will be on the lips of every young person who wants to breathe fresh air a decade from now. 

The idea behind Hawkers is to let the customers decide where the brand goes. While there are certain non-negotiables, such as the company’s commitment to the environment, there’s also a good degree of flexibility that’s built into the company. Leaders see themselves as managers of the brand rather than the owners. They let the customers speak up so they’re getting the styles they want and the protection they need. 

What’s Next 

Hawkers will continue to develop new ways to drive the eyewear industry forward. From online sales to new product lines, it will challenge the status quo while giving fashionistas that many more options to experiment with their look. 

Throughout it all, Alejandro Betancourt will be there to strengthen the company at every step of the way. His experience and drive make him an invaluable asset to the company’s hundreds of employees and millions of customers. Failures and mistakes may be inevitable for Alejandro Betancourt, but succumbing to them is not. It’s all a part of the ethos that will help Hawkers thrive in the years to come. 


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