Sandals for women: all the must-haves to shop on sale

words Al Woods

According to the majority of the meteorologists, in many areas of the world (including Europe and North America) this summer is one of the hottest ones in a long time. But this shouldn’t be a reason able to explain why this is the umpteenth year when sandals, in particular sandals for women, are on top of every sales ranking in the footwear sector.

Sandals for women

The explanation, indeed, is incredibly plain and simple: sandals are the summer women’s shoes par excellence; they embody the essence of this season, and in particular they match with many people’s main desire, getting rid of all the formal pieces of clothing they’re forced to wear during the rest of the year and having the freedom to wear the most comfortable and cozy garments available on the market.

Moreover, in the last two decades, female sandals have become, in many cases, actual fashion items, able to harmonize a fine design with their proverbial attitude to provide an incomparable comfort to those who wear them. Exploring the most recent creations in the designer shoes sector, sandals are extremely recurring, like they’re a real must-have. And you just need to take a look at the fanciest ones among them, to realize that there has been a huge evolution since when sandals were just a cheap pair of shoes to wear only in the most informal environments (for example at the beach). We have detected five of the most wanted models to shop on sale, just to give you an overall look. They are listed below.

1)  Mule sandals

Coziness and fanciness matched together in a unique solution: it may seem kind of a miracle in terms of design. Nonetheless they exist, and obviously they are currently (and for much longer) the most requested sandals on the market. The heel is generally not too tall (but there are a few exceptions), steady and quite comfy. The open tip ensures a perfect transpiration.

2)  Thong sandals

Theoretically, the simplest model of sandal, as well as the oldest one. In practice, a pattern that allows the designers to give free rein to their imagination. The clearest proof if this is the fact that the most daring sandals issued during the last year are afferent to this archetype.

3)  Sandals with micromesh

More than a pattern, these sandals define a category of their own by virtue of the use of extremely transpiring materials. They’re particularly appreciated by those who put their feet’s health first, but this doesn’t mean that design and fanciness are neglected. Quite the opposite, to be honest…

4)  Gladiator sandals

Goddess dressing is unmistakably trending, so it comes as no surprise that the gladiator sandal is also seeing a resurgence as a standout footwear trend for summer 2022. If you prefer to keep things minimal, try a classic sandal or something with a chunky, substantial sole in leather for your everyday looks.

5)  Sandals with heels

These are the ultimate challenge, designed and built for those who would never deprive themselves of the privilege of wearing a high heel. Some of them are actual masterpieces in design and would deserve more attention by the majority of buyers.


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