5 x Attendance Tracking Software to improve your Business Efficiency

words Al Woods

There are numerous solutions available to manage time in the workplace. The best among them is time tracking and attendance tracking software

It is the modern alternative to punch cards. 

It saves time from manual timesheet filling and has a lot more additional features to improve your work life.

Here we have come up with five unique attendance tracking software that enhances your efficiency.

Attendance Tracking Software

TimeClock Plus

Sometimes, manual clock in and clock out would result in data entry errors. Fortunately, TimeClock Plus, an attendance tracking software, offers remedy with end to end time and attendance workflows. 

You can customize attendance and labor costing to your employees’ work efficiency.

Plus, it has an anti-theft measure to incorporate biometric authentication like fingerprint scanning and facial recognition.

In addition to that, it has a varied range of tracking options such as absence management, overtime calculation, vacation/ leave tracking, and expense tracking.

Other Features

  • Messaging tools to notify the employees via SMS, email, and mobile app.
  • Supports payroll integrations and ERP systems.
  • Price starts at $2.50 with a free trial facility.


Are you looking for compliance management and attendance tracking characteristic in the same software? Then, Jibble is the right option for you. 

From construction industries to educational institutions, Jibble is popular in managing the workload.

Also, employees can clock in their attendance through the punch clock in the geofencing enabled mobile app. 

Apart from these features, Jibble is a perfect tool for client billing and payroll management. It also supports productivity reporting and activity tracking. Comparatively, it doesn’t offer many resources like other attendance tracking software.

Other Features

  • Generates custom reports that visualize statistics on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Offers audit trail and cost management features.
  • Purchase rates start at $1.50 with a free trial version.


Who doesn’t love extra bonuses and tips? OnTheClock offers commission in payroll management for the employees. Besides, it gives all the punching options, from biometric punching to device-based punching. 

It is easy to use attendance tracking software with accessibility via smartphones. OnTheClock has essential resources like video tutorials and a help center to guide you with any discrepancy. 

Interestingly, you have multiple customizable templates to personalize your activity dashboard. 

If you plan to quit from your existing attendance tracking software, you can import all the data seamlessly into OnTheClock and synchronize them in the cloud.

Other Features

  • Schedule and change shifts of your employees.
  • Drag and drop replacement to publish the schedules.
  • The pricing option begins at $7.50.

When I Work

A list without free software is incomplete. When I Work is the only free attendance tracking software on this list with astonishingly unique features. 

It has real-time analytics and reporting, which presents the data rapidly. This cost-efficient tracking software can help you in hiring, time tracking, and scheduling. 

Even you can sync your schedule with the Google Calendar. When I Work has a two -way messaging feature to request and schedule the meetings. 

Other Features

  • Tweak the timesheets to prevent future adversities.
  • It streamlined the scheduling process with summary reports.
  • Pricing is free, and the paid version is $1.50.


A project management tool and attendance tracking software is a perfect combination, which is what BigTime is all about. 

You can manage attendance reports, plan your next project, streamline budgeting, and expense skillfully.

It offers real-time analytics that is even accessible during poor network connection. 

Other Features

  • A-Z budgeting and project planning.
  • Extensive reporting features like Gantt Charts.
  • Offers business consultants to optimize your business workflow.


Hopefully, we threw some insights on the best time and attendance tracking software to move you a step closer to your business efficiency. Consider the advantages of employing an online paystub creator for your company. If you use an online generator to generate pay stubs, the administrator will compute all of the finer data for you, including state-specific tax requirements.

So, analyze and purchase based on the pricing, features, feasibility, and customer support.


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