Fast and Simple Truck Upgrades!

If you’ve purchased your first truck this year, then you’ll know that it’s a lifestyle choice more than anything else. You want to stand out from the crowd and a truck can help you to do that. 

They are wider and higher than any other vehicle on the road and they can help you whether you are hauling or you are just off roading for fun. If you’ve got an old truck that you want to upgrade, or you want to add a little bit more to your modern truck, we’ve put together a list of fast and simple upgrades that you could make below.

Truck Upgrades

Image source: Pexels

  1. Upgrade your truck tyres. It’s one of the easiest modifications that you can make to your truck. But truck tyres are a great upgrade because they are visibly drastic straight away. They bring your truck to a whole new light and with hundreds of choices in the market, you’ll find something for your needs and your tastes. Just make sure that you determine your truck use first before you choose a truck tyres that you want because you may need different tyres for off roading compared to haulage.
  2. Change up the lights. There are several lighting upgrades that you can do for your truck that make you look fantastic. Whether you’re upgrading the main headlights or you choose to add lamp posts and light bars, it’s completely up to you. Light bars are a popular one because it’s characterized by a series of smaller bulbs arranged in a bar that are placed on the roof of the cab. They can also be placed elsewhere in the truck, generally the light bar has a separate switch so you’ll be able to set it up to come on in the night.
  3. Adding a new cover. Truck hard or soft covers for the open cargo backs of pickup trucks are easy to come by. They are made in several different ways with several different materials from canvas and PVC to steel, carbon fiber or fiberglass. They’re great for protecting your truck’s cargo from weather conditions, and they can improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle too. The best part is that they are locked, so if you’ve got anything underneath there you can keep it protected.
  4. Grade the grille guard. If you’re taking your truck on certain adventures, you may want to get some added protection. A truck grille guard can really help because it’s a truck accessory that shows that you mean business and you know what you’re doing on the road. You already know how to maximize the use of your vehicle, and it just makes it look totally amazing.
  5. Upgrading your exhaust. Have you ever seen a pickup truck with a vertical exhaust pipe? These are called smokestacks and they look fantastic. They’re also there for a reason, so they add to the performance of your truck because the smoke will naturally travel up. If you’re taking your truck off roading, you’ll also not have to worry about getting stuck when the exhaust is situated vertically. 


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