Balancing art, substance, and data in your infographics

Balancing art, substance, and data in your infographics – words Alexa Wang

Infographics offer quick and creative ways to explain a topic. The biggest advantage of an infographic is that it includes minimal text but clearly communicates all the key points about a topic to the reader.

Here is a short overview of the key elements of an infographic, their purpose and relationship to one another, and how you can use them effectively to make an interesting and creative piece of content.

Choose a Solid Topic

If you want your infographic to grab the reader’s attention, you will need more than visual appeal. Every infographic needs a solid story substantiated with solid data. Some topics are very straightforward and have loads of current and interesting data you can use. With others, you must be more creative when presenting the relevant information. You do not always need big numbers; you can use comparative analysis and historical examples to make your infographic interesting and relevant.

Use Strong Visualization

Most infographics read from left to right and top to bottom. They should ideally be in a vertical format, which improves readability. You’ll need to use the right visual tools to make sure your story flows smoothly. Your ultimate goal should be to design it in a manner that allows your readers to grasp all the key points in one glance. Use readable content, and provide current and accurate information. Make sure the design and style you use are effective and well-executed. Use available tools and predesigned templates to make sure your infographic gets the message across to your target audience.

Focus on Typography

your infographicsImage via Flickr by Lauren Manning

You can get away with using big lettering when designing an infographic. Because most infographics use multiple blocks, you can incorporate one or two typefaces to make it visually attractive and readable. If you think certain statistics are extremely important to your story, use a larger typeface to make them more prominent. Choose a variety of colors, styles, and font sizes, just don’t overdo it. You want your content to have maximum impact on the reader.

Give it Breathing Space

Infographics generally provide a lot of information in a limited space, so make sure it does not become too cluttered. Use white space effectively, and make sure the final design has some breathing room and all the right breaks at the appropriate places. Using space effectively is a very important element of a compelling infographic.

Include a Call-to-Action

Your infographic should always have a purpose. If you are putting the time and effort into designing it properly, you should also ensure that you get the required results from it. That is why you need a call-to-action. Let your readers know what you want them to do. Motivate them to share the infographic, include a link back to your website, and make sure you identify and link to your brand properly.

Overall, infographics are excellent tools for communicating a message effectively. They are short, to the point, and visually appealing content that readers find easy to read and understand.

Balancing art, substance, and data in your infographics – words Alexa Wang



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