Giant Green Tea Monkey seen floating down the Thames

Giant Green Tea Monkey floating down the Thames – words Alexa Wang

You know that jaded feeling you sometimes have as you’re making your way into work of a morning? When you’ve not really fully woken up as you walk in zombie like fashion but then something shocks you from your daze.

As you’re crossing the river you see a giant green tea monkey gliding by on its own massive float. What a blast to your senses this would be.

Well crowds of Londoners and tourists alike actually got to see this and you can see their reaction in this short video. The idea was dreamt up by those fine purveyors of tea at PG Tips who have taken it upon themselves to energise Londoners. The monkey was actually made from 100 thousand tea leaves and it jolted many a Londoner and tourist into life as it made its way down the Thames.

This was part of a campaign by PG Tips to help give a bit of zip back to our increasingly exhausting and unrelenting daily lives. In a recent report they had commissioned it was found that we are only able to fully relax for 36 minutes each day. That’s a miserable three hours across the working week. So PG Tips are on a quest to re-energise the populace in lots of creative ways including taking time for that all important cuppa that we British can surely not do without.

For more information on the brand and its latest campaign go to

Giant Green Tea Monkey floating down the Thames – words Alexa Wang


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