3 ways technology in the home is improving our quality of life

With all the integrated home technology available in 2019 the dream of having a house like The Jetsons is now a reality. Creating a smart home not only gives you access to greater types of entertainment, but it can also save you time and money.

These days, most home technology is easy to install on your own, and it can really change your home for the better. If you’re considering adding smart tech to your home, or you need a bit of convincing, here are three ways that technology can improve your life.


Virtual assistants are taking over the world

If you’ve tuned into any sort of news over the last couple of years, then there is no doubt you have heard about how virtual assistants are taking over the home. From Google Home, and Amazon Alexa to Apple’s HomePod, all the big players in the technology space are getting involved.

These virtual assistants add true convenience to your home. Want to find out when your team are playing? Just ask the question and you will get a response. Want to play some music on Spotify or buy something on Amazon? These systems are voice activated to do just that. You can even ask them to play games or for random facts.

One of the barriers to these devices, that is often brought up is how much broadband speed and capacity you need to stream music and other content through them. Luckily, this has been taken into account and you can run Amazon Alexa from speeds as small as 512Kbps.

Light up your life with smart lighting

Smart lighting has become integral to any smart home system. Automating your light system can deliver a number of benefits to your home. From lower energy usage to enhancing your interior design, smart lighting offers a myriad of opportunities to the average household.

In terms of savings, smart bulbs have a much longer lifespan than the average bulb due to their dimming capabilities. This helps reduce energy costs by up to 90% depending on how your house is set up. The savings also come with smart dimming – adjusting the intensity of the light based on preference, activity and time of day.

Smart lighting also ditches your reliance on the light switch to control the brightness. With an app, you can customise the set up and activate them with a single touch of your tablet (or a voice command).

Get healthy at home

With so much information on the internet we have become more and more aware of how our habits can be harmful to our health. Technology in the home can help us improve both our physical and mental health. Gadgets such as Fitbit and other fitness trackers allow us to track our movements and tell us how many calories we are burning. When it comes to sleep, we can use apps to track our sleep patterns and how to improve our night time routine. Elsewhere in the home, there are apps and devices that allow us to track our water usage in the shower, our energy usage in the house, as well as smart thermostats that can track and set the air conditioning.

Technology has improved our quality of life drastically, making day-to-day tasks simpler and more hassle free. Be it health care, communication, or simply tracking how our household is doing, the advances in technology has only improved the home. Air quality is another great example of this. You want to have a system that can circulate air and keep levels of pollutants down. This is why you need to keep an eye on it all the time and address issues right away. Homeowners living in Charlotte and Sarasota counties never hesitate to reach out to their Englewood AC Repair Services as soon as they hear a noise or notice the air feels different. This proactive approach is important if you want to keep your family safe and healthy.



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