Cannabis oil extraction methods & things you should know about CBD

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Cannabis oil is becoming more and more popular as a natural remedy for various diseases. According to Healthline, cannabidiol is not psychoactive. This is good news for people who need relief from pain and other symptoms, without getting mind-altering effects.

If you are interested in cannabis oil extraction, then, you should know that ethanol extraction and hydrocarbon extraction are some of the ways you can do that. And, furthermore, in this article, you will be able to read about the benefits that cannabis oil offers for humans.

Cannabis oil extraction

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Ethanol as an Extraction Method (Steps)

The purpose of extracting cannabis oil is to make it clean and pure, and highly concentrated for people to be able to consume it. That is the reason why ethanol extraction is one of the best methods, according to CannabisOilTech.

This type of extraction includes dissolving the industrial hemp plant in ethanol to extract the oil. It results in up to 99% pure cannabis oil, which means that high quality and concentrated cannabis oil will be produced. It’s interesting to note that there is a growing interest in investing in the cannabis industry with processing improving all the time. Companies such as Argonaut Advisors are helping investors move into this area.

When the oil is extracted from the plant, it needs to go through several other steps before it is good for people to consume it.

cbd therapy

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First Step – Decarboxylation

Decarboxylation is the process when the carboxyl group is removed and as a result, carbon dioxide (CO2) is released. In fact, it refers to the carboxylic acids that are produced when a carbon atom is pulled out.

During this process, the actual activation of cannabis oil happens. Before it, the cannabis is in its acid state, also known as cannabidiolic acid. However, with the decarboxylation process, the inactive compounds of cannabis are activated.

Second Step – Winterization

Winterization refers to the separation or extraction of the oil from the wax. This process is called winterization because, during this process, the temperatures are below zero degrees celsius., non-polar substances (for example, hash oil) are dissolved into polar substances. By mixing the hash oil that is a nonpolar substance into polar ones, the quality oil comes on the surface. Furthermore, via the filtration process, the unwanted fatty acids, plant materials, chlorophyll, terpenoids, and cannabinoids can be eliminated from the extract.

Hydrocarbon Cannabis Extraction Method

Did you know that one of the oldest forms of cannabis oil injection is butane injection? Using hydrocarbons to extract cannabinoids and terpenes is essential in the process of producing high-quality cannabis oil.

But what are hydrocarbons in fact? Well, three types of hydrocarbons are used in the process of extraction and they’re:

  • Butane has the formula C4H10 and it’s in fact alkane with four carbon atoms.
  • Methane (CH4)- a chemical compound that consists of carbon and four hydrogen atoms.
  • Propane (C3H8) usually found in a state as gas and by compression, it’s turned into liquid.

These organic compounds are in a gas state as their natural state on normal room temperature. But, with pressure, they’re turned into liquids and part of the cannabis oil extraction method.

A cannabis oil extraction machine will have a few important components, such as:

  • Recovery cylinder
  • Material column
  • Collection vessel
  • Warm water bath
  • Molecular sieve
  • Condensing oil

Pros of hydrocarbon extraction:

  • The equipment is not very expensive
  • Fast extraction rates
  • The highly potent end product

Cons of hydrocarbon extraction:

  • Safety precautions
  • Expensive automation and difficult to implement
  • The machinery for extraction is not highly tunable or customizable

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Oil?

After learning about the extraction process, you can read on and find out about some health benefits of cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil uses

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Easing Pain

Thousands of years ago, marijuana had been used for treating pain. According to NCBI, our body contains the endocannabinoid system or ECS. This is a specialized system involved in regulating functions such as pain, sleep, immune system response, and appetite.

This means that our bodies produce endocannabinoids (neurotransmitters) that bind to cannabinoid receptors in our nervous system. So, studies say that cannabis oil may decrease chronic pain and reduce inflammation.

Eases Depression and Anxiety

Today more and more people suffer from depression and anxiety which are mental health disorders that can seriously affect people’s everyday lives.

One way to ease the symptoms of these conditions is cannabis oil. As reported by Healthline, a Brazilian study revealed that a 300-mg dose of cannabis oil reduced anxiety during an exam.

Also, in a few animal studies, cannabis oil has shown to have antidepressant effects.

Better Heart Health

Research says that cannabis oil is able to lower high blood pressure which is good for the heart and the circulatory system.

People who suffer from high blood pressure are at risk of many health conditions such as heart attack, heart disease, and stroke, according to a study.

The good news is that cannabis oil may help people who suffer from high blood pressure.

Some other benefits are:

  • Diabetes prevention
  • Anti-tumor effect
  • Antipsychotic effects
  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Neuroprotective properties
  • May reduce acne
  • Ease cancer-related symptoms

As you can see cannabis oil is worth the extraction. It is a natural ingredient, it offers many health benefits, and it can improve your life. However, for any decision you want to make, you need to consult your doctor first.


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