How more and more people are finding their inner entrepreneur

words Alexa Wang

The pandemic has ravaged the country and caused heartache for many. It has caused lots of damage with thousands of people losing their jobs and many businesses going to the wall. As it looks like we are hopefully about to enter into an era where Covid 19 is managed and we’re able to return to life almost back to normal, it’s also important to look at some positive news amongst the bleak statistics.

fashion entrepreneur

It’s true that the online world saved us from a much darker scenario. Imagine if this pandemic had happened pre internet? A large chunk of the population was able to work from home online. We were able to order much of what we needed via our devices. Many people discovered that working from home had some major upsides. The cost of travel to work, the time spent on the commute – more spare time.

For some, the change opened up that window to nudge them to take the ultimate plunge. They started their own business. Many had no doubt been pondering on the idea before the pandemic and they suddenly thought ‘why not?’ Others saw the massive opportunities in the surge of demand for online services. Others were forced to think up new ideas after their original business was thrown off course by lockdowns.

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The number of people choosing to start that journey and take that risk is staggering. The number of start-up businesses grew by 30% compared to 2019, and aside from April, 50,000 new businesses were created every month in 2020. 2020 was named the year of the start-up.

People have set up all sorts of businesses during the pandemic from traditional services such as garden design and craft beer deliveries through to vegan recipe packs, online art courses and fashion design. Many more women have taken up the challenge and found their inner entrepreneur.

Whatever the reason this will probably have a massive long-term effect on the country. It has already been reported that many businesses will encourage employees to work from home much more than they did before. That means whole new markets for new products and services. Many people having taken the risk and started a business, will realise their potential and have no thoughts about going back to work for someone else.

This creative and entrepreneurial spirit should help drive the country as we try to move forward and create new ways of interacting and doing business.


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