Top Host and Studio Executive John Vizaniaris on how he fell in love with hosting and producing creative content

The best kind of work is doing what you love, and no one can explain this better than renowned host and content creator John Vizaniaris. John is the host of Dead Talk Live, where he interviews celebrities from TV and movies and talks about their experiences and the characters they play. 

Host Studio Executive John Vizaniaris

John started Dead Talk Live during the lockdown to give people some small-scale entertainment and solace during the pandemic. He graduated from Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology with a degree in technology, and though celebrity interviews were never on his radar, it is still incredible to see how far he has come. “I had no Entertainment Industry experience at the time and had to learn as I went along,” says John, and judging by the more than 300 celebrity interview episodes of Dead Talk Live on YouTube and seven other social media platforms, he appears to have succeeded gracefully. 

The talk show was a fluke, and John worked hard to ensure it stayed relevant and relatable to his audience. In the beginning, the show was mostly about the horror genre, but now John interviews celebrities from all walks of life and all genres. It is not only the audience who enjoys John’s talk show; he makes sure that the celebrities who are invited also feel at home. Many celebrities recall their experience as very warm and welcoming. The actor, writer, and director Lew Temple says, “I really enjoyed my discussion with John V. on Dead Talk Live. I found his questions to be well thought out and enlightening for his audience. John is able to keep the conversation engaging and makes the time with him feel as comfortable as talking with an old friend”. 

Expanding his business further, John has started his production and distribution studio – Dead Talk Media LLC – which produces his talk show and many other films and TV series. His success has been so rapid that John has been able to make many good connections all over the industry. Being in these A-list networks, John can encourage and empower others to step into the entertainment industry and experience the work he loves. 

He introduced CineXposè, a film festival where he and his distinguished guests take part in the screening of films made by indie film developers worldwide. John is one of the lucky people doing what he loves and wants to give back to the world by helping others like himself do something they love too. 

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