Why some men cannot stand losing their hair

words Alexa Wang

Hair implants (or transplants) were once a procedure that was reserved only for the rich and famous. They were prohibitively expensive and almost unheard of outside of Hollywood.

However, due to significant advances in science and technology, cutting edge techniques have made these cosmetic surgeries easier, more successful and definitely more affordable. This is why in the past years, the industry has been booming and more and more ordinary people have chosen to say goodbye to hair loss through a hair transplant. Since you are reading this, you are probably wondering if this could be the right solution for you as well. Let’s take a look at the arguments:

Men Hair Loss

Hair implants successfully treat the most common causes of hair loss

It is a commonly known fact that androgenetic alopecia (male/female pattern baldness) affects half of men and almost as many women to some extent by the age of 50. Moreover, 80% of men will suffer from it by the end of their lives. During the transplantation procedure, grafts of hair are collected from the areas of your scalp where you still have plenty and reimplanted in the balding spots. In under a year from the procedure, they will be growing there naturally, as if you had never even struggled with hair loss. In recent years, male celebrity hair transplants have received significant attention, shedding light on the effectiveness of this procedure in addressing androgenetic alopecia. With advancements in technology and surgical techniques, the results of hair transplants have become increasingly natural-looking and long-lasting. The transformative power of these procedures offers hope to individuals dealing with hair loss, allowing them to regain a youthful appearance and boost their self-esteem.

But hair implants are not only successful in curing androgenetic alopecia, they are also very effective for scalp which has suffered trauma (if the scarring is not too extensive) or for hair loss due to excessive use of styling products.  

Of course, since it’s not a miracle cure, there are also conditions where a hair transplant is not recommended, such as alopecia areata (an autoimmune condition). To be sure you can benefit from this procedure, make sure you get a dermatologist’s/trichologist’s opinion. 

Men beauty hair

The hair transplantation procedure is quick, safe and painless

It usually takes only approximately 4-8 hours to get a hair transplant and you will be back at home the same day. You don’t even have to worry about being put under, as the procedure is performed under local anesthesia and you will be awake and able to react the whole time. 

If you’re feeling nervous before surgery, you’ll be given a mild sedative to ease your anxiety. But know that there is nothing to be afraid of, since you will be experiencing no pain, only a faint sense of pressure on your scalp.

Hair transplants are minimally invasive, which means that they have no specific risks, beside those associated with any surgery – minor chances of infection, inflammation swelling, bleeding or itching, which can be easily resolved with light medication.

Men who have had hair transplants are usually happy with the procedure  

Recent studies show that up to 80% of men who have received a hair transplant are still satisfied with the results of their surgery even 3 years later. Moreover, combining the procedure with another form of therapy, such as Platelet-Rich Plasma treatment for hair or specific medication can enhance the results of the hair implant tremendously. 


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