How to stop losing your hair with simple lifestyle changes

How to stop losing your hair with simple lifestyle changes  – words Alexa Wang

Unfortunate as it may be, losing your hair is a reality we all face to one extent or another. That said, there will always be those who struggle with hair loss on a far more advanced level than others. Hair loss can occur at any age for any number of reasons among men and women alike.

When hair loss is attributed to genetics, the aging process or various underlying diseases, there’s very little that can be done about it. But at the same time, there are also various lifestyle habits which can significantly increase a person’s likelihood of losing their hair.

Treatment for hair loss has come a long way over recent years – Propecia having become the first ever prescription hair loss medication, backed by scientific evidence (you can find more details about Propecia here). Nevertheless, and as is the case with most things, it’s better to work towards avoiding the problem in the first place, rather than treating it after it occurs.

But what can you do on an everyday basis to reduce the risk of losing your hair? Or to put it another way, what are the kinds of lifestyle habits that can increase hair loss risk?


Poor Dietary Choices

Contrary to popular belief, all the healthy eating in the world is not going to reverse a case of hair loss. Nevertheless, making healthy dietary choices can certainly reduce the likelihood of hair thinning and falling in the first place.  The reason being that unless you give your body exactly what it needs to carry out its various processes, it isn’t going to get the job done properly. Absolutely everything your body does – right down to growing and maintaining healthy hair – is directly connected with the dietary choices you make. Which in turn means that if you consistently make poor dietary choices, you stand a significantly higher risk of hair loss.  On the other side there are certain foods for hair growth. Balance being the key – the kinds of diets that exclude key nutrients of any kind should be avoided (you can find more about foods that can help tackle hair loss here).

Unhealthy Living

It’s all well and good to eat healthily, though you can’t expect maximum benefit if you then live a generally unhealthy lifestyle. For example, you may make healthy dietary choices, but also get little to no exercise whatsoever. Likewise, you may ‘reward’ yourself for your healthy eating choices by indulging in alcohol, tobacco and so on. Once again, it all comes down to the way in which your body needs to be in the best possible condition at all times, in order to produce and hold onto healthy hair. The unhealthier your lifestyle is, the less likely you are to hold onto your hair long-term. Changing your lifestyle is how to get your hair healthy again.

Aggressive Styling

While healthy hair can usually withstand general everyday styling, getting carried away is something else entirely. Whether it’s aggressive brushing, overuse of products or styling the hair in a manner that pulls on the scalp, these are all the kinds of things that can contribute to a heightened risk of hair loss.  It’s possible for those who think they are doing their hair a favour to in fact cause irreparable damage by overuse of supposedly-positive products. And of course, dangerously hot dryers and other styling implements can also increase the likelihood of hair loss.

Chronic Stress

There are a number of reasons why chronic stress can have a direct impact on hair loss risk. For one thing, when the human body is stressed, it reacts in a manner which makes it more difficult to defend itself and operate with maximum efficiency. In addition, chronic stress also often leads to sleeplessness, poor dietary choices and an unhealthy lifestyle in general – all of which can contribute to hair loss. So while the odd bout of everyday stress isn’t something to worry about, anyone struggling with chronic stress or anxiety would be wise to seek professional advice and support at the earliest opportunity. Underlying issues being addressed is how to stop hair from falling out from stress.


Contrary to popular belief, exposure of the hair itself to UV rays doesn’t actually increase the risk of hair loss. By contrast, allowing your scalp to be exposed to harmful UV rays on a prolonged or on-going basis can indeed constitute a risk factor such as indoor tanning beds. The reason being that just as is the case across the rest of the body, UV rays can cause permanent damage to the scalp, in turn restricting the growth and maintenance of healthy hair, not to mention potentially causing cancer (you can find more about the influence of tanning on developing cancer here).


Last but not least, while medication cannot realistically be considered a ‘habit’ as such, there are nonetheless plenty of prescription and OTC medications that have shown links with hair loss. Finasteride is another popular treatment for men suffering from hair loss which many people swear by. As such, it is worth seeking advice from a medical professional, in order to evaluate such risks and consider alternative treatment options where available. ‘

If the problem persists, another option would be to get a  hair transplant which can restore your look and has permanent results. Turkey is a great destination when it comes to these procedures, as it offers very affordable hair transplant costs and high quality medical services.

How to stop losing your hair with simple lifestyle changes  – words Alexa Wang


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