Everything You Need To Know About Conspiracy Theories

Everything You Need To Know About Conspiracy Theories words by Kirsty Allen

The definition of the word conspiracy is it’s a secret plan to achieve a particular goal. It’s a preformed conclusion that something occurring in the world makes everyone sit up, is outlandish, irrational or misconceived.

There’s plenty of interesting information on the internet about famous conspiracies, some are just plain silly, while others are created to send a message.


Take a look at the website David Icke has created. He was once a professional footballer and sports broadcaster, but has now turned to writing, public speaking and has an interest in conspiracy theories.

Well known conspiracies – do you believe them or not?

It’s entirely up to the individual whether he or she believes in some of the well-known conspiracies that have occurred. Take:-

  1. Global warming – some people think this is a complete hoax saying it’s a conspiracy to make the world’s population pay higher taxes and for a more authoritative government to control their lifestyle.
  2. The Aids virus – many people believe that HIV was genetically engineered and was an attempt to create a killer virus to reduce the number of people in the world.
  3. Fluoridation – fluoride is usually added to drinking water, however conspiracy theorists think it’s a practice that will benefit drug companies in prescribing treatment for those who show harmful side effects.
  4. The kidnapping of the racehorse Shergar – this amazing horse was kidnapped in 1983 and nothing has been heard of him since. Theories range from the IRA taking the horse to Gadaffi, kidnapping him in return for weapons. There’s also a conspirational theory that the New Orleans Mafia were involved.
  5. Elvis Presley faking his own death – many Elvis fans claim he is still alive and went into hiding. Lots of people have said they have seen Presley since his “death” in 1997 however nothing has been proved.

These conspiracy theories make entertaining reading, however it’s up to individuals to make up their minds about them. One of the saddest conspiracy theories has to be the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. Many people believe she was murdered and with so many confusing pieces of evidence, there’s absolutely no proof to the contrary.

Another distressing theory is about John F. Kennedy. He was the 35th President of the US and was shot in 1963 while riding through Dallas in Texas. It was said Lee Harvey Oswald shot him who was then shot dead by Jack Ruby. No-one knows exactly who the killer was but there have been many conspiracy theories. Check out interesting reading on the net about conspiracy theories, they will surely make you stop and think.

Decide for yourself

Although conspiracy theories make riveting news, it’s up to the individual to decide whether they are true or not. From the September 11 2001 Twin Tower disaster right through to the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, there have been numerous reasons why these happened. It’s always good to keep an open mind on conspiracy theories.


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