Anthony Nolan March of the Men – How young men can save lives

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Ben reckons that he’d always lived in his own bubble. When he found out though that his friend Liam had been diagnosed with blood cancer this had a huge impact on his outlook on life.

He realised that it might be too late to save his friend but it wasn’t too late for him to get involved and to hopefully save others like Liam.

So he gathers his friends and they register themselves as stem cell donors. This seems like a simple act but the implications are massive. Someone is diagnosed with blood cancer every 20 minutes. A stem cell transplant from a donor on the Anthony Nolan register is their very best chance of life.

Men aged 16-30 are the people most needed to commit and register but right now they make up only 15% of the Anthony Nolan register.

So this Anthony Nolan March of the Men video and push is aimed at encouraging young men to get involved and sign up. This would help lots of people who need the right kind of stem cell transplant for their body.

Sign up today and be the man.


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