How to better store your valuable jewellery

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Jewellery is an object that is often priceless, not just for its price or cost. They are often sentimentally important, which is why it is important for many people to preserve them as much as possible. The maintenance of these objects is often delicate, even if they are quite resistant. It will, therefore, be necessary to take into account certain rules and practices to preserve them in the best possible way.

  • Avoid wearing jewellery while showering, exercising, or at the beach;
  • Know the properties of the metal of his jewellery;
  • Store them in a box or in a cloth pouch;
  • Avoid permanent contact with the skin;
  • Clean them with substances such as toothpaste, lemon, vinegar, or ashes depending on their properties.

Whether precious or semi-precious jewels or custom jewellery bought in a shop or offered as gifts, they all have sentimental values, which is why we must take care of them. But how? The ideal way to take care of your jewels and preserve them in time is to put them away.

store your valuable jewellery

Store the jewels in the right conditions

One of the important rules to keep your jewellery over time is to never place it in a cold, hot or humid place.

This will prevent your jewellery from being stored near a heat source or exposed to drafts that could damage them. To store your jewellery, also remember to store in a dry and clean. In fact, dust, as well as heat and humidity, discolour and darken the jewels.

With time your jewelry appearance can become dull. When you notice this, it means that you need to clean them. Fortunately, using jewelry cleaner machines like an ultrasonic cleaning machine can be the best way to go.

Keep the jewels in storage container provided for this purpose

Boxes, caskets, caskets, jewellery cabinet, you have a variety of choices to store your jewellery in. That said, there are several models of jewellery storage made from different materials: plastic, wood or fiberboard. You can even make storage of homemade jewellery.

But, if you really care about your jewellery, it’s better to turn to a storage box with a soft velvet coating and soft pads to protect your jewellery.

Separately store jewellery by type

If you collect all types of jewellery: fantasy, gold or silver with or without stones; the first thing to do is to classify them separately in a storage box. Indeed, by mixing your precious jewels with fancy jewellery in brass or copper, may leave behind the smell of metal. In addition, small imperfections of green and greyish corrosion can also be deposited on your luxurious jewels.

Classify the jewels in their respective compartment

No less than a hundred jewellery storages exist on the market. However, choose multi-compartment storage with compartments for bracelets, hooks for necklaces, ring holders and watch cushions.

This will facilitate the sorting of jewellery by size and type. The fact of classifying them in their respective compartment avoids each of your jewels to tarnish, to mix and to be damaged.

However, if you have jewels with precious stones or jewels of great value, it is better to store them individually in a special locked case to better preserve them and ensure their safety.

Nelson Coleman at Baltimore provides many options for you in terms of ordering jewellery and storing it safely for long term use. 

store your jewellery


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