3 tips for reducing stress

words Alexa Wang

Stress can so easily become part of people’s lives to such an extent that they hardly know what it is like not to be stressed anymore. They may just accept that this is how life is lived, and that they need to work around their feelings of stress rather than deal with them.

The truth is, this is not how life is meant to be lived. Stress is something that is debilitating and incredibly bad for our health, and it is not something that should be expected. We should all be able to live our lives in peace. Of course, there will be stressful situations and that is normal, but constant stress is not, and it needs to be reduced before it causes illnesses including heart problems, depression, weight issues, high blood pressure and more. Here are some ways to deal with your stress and reduce it as much as possible. Remember, though; seek medical advice if you just cannot cope.

Book A Massage

A massage might sound like something you would treat yourself to if you wanted a spa day and wanted to be pampered, but they are actually incredibly good at reducing or relieving stress.

When you are massaged by a professional – whether at a spa or at a home visit – your hormones, which will have been put out of balance due to the worry you have been feeling (which causes even more stress), will be put back into alignment. Cortisol (the hormone responsible for stress) will be lowered and serotonin (the so-called ‘happy hormone’) will be increased.

Take Supplements

Supplements for stress come in all shapes and sizes, but each one can help you in its own way. Drinking herbal tea is a wonderful way to calm yourself and relax more, for example. You can buy it in teabags, readymade to use, or you can look at CBD hemp seeds for sale to make your own. A few drops of essential oil (lavender is particularly good) on your pillow at night can also work wonders, or why not dab some on a handkerchief to keep it with you throughout the day?

Soak in The Tub

Having a long, relaxing soak in your tub is an ideal way to reduce your stress levels. The key is to put aside enough time to ensure you can feel the benefits. In our busy lives, grabbing a quick shower is often all we have time for, but this is not enough. Find an hour to yourself and make sure it is your ‘me time’. If you need to, hire a babysitter or wait until all your housemates are out for the evening. You might even book a day off work and have a long soak in the tub earlier in the day – it doesn’t have to be done at night.

Add some essential oils to warm water (not too hot or you will raise your blood pressure which is not good for your stress levels) and you could even light some candles and place them around the room too. Read a book, listen to music or simply close your eyes and you’ll feel the stress melt away. 


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