Bain de Mer: Redefining Coastal Fashion with Unparalleled Style and Quality

words Alexa Wang

You like to look good, but who doesn’t? But especially when it comes to fashion and clothing in general, it can be very difficult to really unlock your potential and look your absolute best and now that summer is knocking on the door, it is time to reveal your inner royalty. One thing is for sure, you will need help, but luckily for you, help is here in the form of Bain de Mer. What is Bain de Mer, you ask? Excellent question, one which will hopefully be answered in this little article, so read on!

Redefining Coastal beachwear


Bain de Mer is, surprise, a fashion brand, first brought to life by Cori Martin, a young lad born and raised in lovely Saint Tropez, a beautiful gulf to which his family has been linked for three generations. Growing up near the port of the City, he soon found himself developing a deep passion for the sea, which was partly influenced by his father, who was actually a windsurfing champion. So we’re off to a great start already, with the bones that BAIN DE MER is built off of, a clothing brand that recalls the sea and sailors and the freedom of life on the open seas. Not only is it a brand, it can almost be seen as its own lifestyle, of salt, waves, and sea breeze. 

Floral Patterns are Back In

As summer is coming back around, nature is in full bloom, and floral patterns on dresses like those found at Bain de Mer are back in bloom as well, offering a unique aesthetic and characteristics. Not only do they help you feel more connected to nature and the season, but they also bring femininity, visual interest, and charm to a dress, making it stand out and look more appealing. Floral patterns come in a wide range of different styles, from dramatic and bold to subtle, understated, and delicate, allowing you to express your own unique fashion taste and personality through your choice of clothing. Floral patterns may even have a psychological effect, able to uplift your mood and create positivity, especially as flowers are linked to happiness and beauty.

Redefining Coastal Fashion

Dress for the Weather

Summer is quite hot, obviously, and your clothing should reflect that as well, which is another reason why Bain de Mer is perfect for the season. Wearing light-colored clothing that reflects the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them, loose-fitting clothing to get as much airflow as possible with short or loose sleeves, and going for breathable fabrics that won’t trap moisture during the summer heat are all quite important factors when choosing clothing for the season. Bain de Mer is designed for the beach, the sand, and the heat, meaning you cannot go wrong when perusing their clothing. Dressing smart is almost as important as dressing for the look.

Bain de Mer is the perfect clothing brand for the summer and the beach, clothing that reflects a lifestyle and casual relaxation that is present in every stitch. So, embrace this coastal fashion and make a statement with unparalleled style.



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