Most searched for stores post-lockdown

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April 2021 welcomed us back into stores after a long year spent inside. Retail therapy was there to rescue us: a saving grace, at last. Most of us finally said goodbye to days spent browsing through online catalogues.

The time had come to switch from placing sporadic orders online to going on a shopping spree in person. And what a time for shopping it was. The stores spoiled us for choice with new fashion trends and refreshing interior design.

We’ve teamed up with shop experts Opening Times, whose research shows which stores Brits searched for most after the latest national lockdown.

In this article, we’ll let you know what the most searched for stores are post-lockdown. Read on to find out which stores Brits are most eager to get into this year.

Most searched for stores

What are the most searched for stores post-lockdown?

The most searched for stores post-lockdown are Primark, IKEA, Matalan, Dunelm, Next, Sports Direct, TK Maxx, John Lewis, Debenhams, and Card Factory.

Opening Times’ research shows these stores’ opening times were Googled the most in April, just in time for the lockdown lift.

Keep reading to find out more about the most searched for stores post-lockdown.

Most searched for stores

Primark has kept us eagerly waiting for its grand reopening after lockdown. And what a long wait it’s been! The fashion, beauty, and homeware store kept its doors closed to the public, online and in person.

The most we could do was browse their website, dreaming of their great deals. As soon as the wait was over, Brits dived right into their stores. And we weren’t let down. Primark has stayed in with the trends. If you made a trip to the store, you most likely left with a bag full of goodies.

With 74,000 searches for opening times, Primark is the most searched for store post-lockdown. If you peeked into one of their stores in April, you’d be able to tell. Shoppers everywhere were eager to return to their favourite store.


IKEA is the home of DIY, low prices, and stylish furniture. Nothing compares to a long stroll through one of their stores, topped up with a trademark meatball.

We couldn’t wait to have IKEA stores open to the public again. Not only is their furniture affordable, but they make for a great project. IKEA’s the land of DIY. When you combine the promise of a craft project with a day out shopping, IKEA makes an excellent choice for a weekend retail getaway.

The 60,500 Google searches for IKEA’s opening times show how many Brits agree. Sure, you could still order furniture online during the lockdown. But the post-lockdown excitement for the IKEA experience got the best of us.


Many families throughout the country waited eagerly to return to Matalan stores in person. After all, it’s a family retailer suit for mum and dad’s shopping, the kids’ new toys, and a home makeover too.

But families aren’t the only ones storming Matalan stores post-lockdown. Matalan’s trendy range of fashion and homeware makes for a perfect shopping destination for all. And their prices are for any budget.

Matalan received 40,500 searches for its opening times on Google. It’s the third most searched for store in the UK post-lockdown. Its popularity comes with no surprise since it makes for a lovely shopping spree out with your loved ones.


Dunelm has welcomed all its loyal shoppers back with their latest home and garden decor. Many of us made our way to our local Dunelm store straight away after lockdown.

They have everything for a home-style redo, from tip to toe. It’s no wonder Dunelm was a popular destination right before the summer heat hit. With an extensive garden range and many fun decorations, Dunelm made a strong return in its stores.

Dunelm received as much as 33,100 searches for its opening times in April. It ties with Next, Sports Direct, and TK Maxx as the fourth most searched store post-lockdown.


Next is one of our most popular fashion retailers, and made a well-awaited come back with its stores. You can get anything from the latest outfits to cool lifestyle and homeware products in any Next location.

Although Next has its online store, shoppers couldn’t wait to get back into their stores on the high street. Next greeted them with a full range of goodies just in time for the summer.

33,100 Google searches for Next’s opening times earn its spot as fourth most searched for store after lockdown, right by Dunelm’s side.

Sports Direct

With the end of lockdown came the beginning of new, good habits. Sports Direct were the perfect store to visit for an activewear and gear top-up before hitting the gym or going on a run.

Sports Direct’s full range caters to all those ready to get back into an active routine. You could still order from them during the lockdown, of course. Nothing beats browsing through equipment in person, though.

The 33,100 searches Sports Direct received for their opening times place it fourth most searched for store after lockdown. It shares this spot with Dunelm and Next, as well as TK Maxx.

Most searched for brands
TK Maxx

TK Maxx is a unique retail store that has no rules. You can find anything there, and that’s its charm. There’s something magical about stepping into TK Maxx’s land of bargains.

Its comeback in stores has been great news to us all, so we could dive into a world of mix-match homeware, treats, and fashion at great prices.

TK Maxx received 33,100 searches for its opening times, the same as Dunelm, Next, and Sports Direct. Its search volume places it fourth most searched for store post-lockdown.

John Lewis

Although John Lewis plans to move online about 60-70% by 2025, we missed it already throughout lockdown. Brits couldn’t wait to make a day out of going to John Lewis for a family shopping session.

Their range of homeware and fashion make it distinctive. John Lewis’s new brand ANYDAY has hit the shelves, and Brits are there for it. The ANYDAY range was crafted and perfected in lockdown to appeal to more shoppers and their different needs.

It comes with no surprise that John Lewis is one of the most searched for stores post-lockdown. It accumulated 14,800 Google searches for its opening times and made it the fifth most searched store in the country!


We were all excited to see Debenhams open, although it shortly closed down afterwards. Their range of beauty, fashion, and homeware were well awaited by Brits nationwide.

So when Debenhams opened to April after the lockdown, we couldn’t be happier. The news of its stores closing down soon made us even more eager to squeeze in one last trip. Debenhams remains open online, but it will never be quite the same.

Brits’ last-minute trips to Debenhams were foretold by their 9,900 searched for Debenhams opening times. These searches also placed this store fifth most searched for post-lockdown, alongside Card Factory.

Card Factory

Card Factory has reopened its retail stores throughout the country, so we can now all shop for gifts in person. What better way to say ‘I care’ than by picking out a gift in-store?

They have cards for any special occasion. But they also have many gifts and all the gift-wrapping gear we need to make a memorable surprise. Brits have taken advantage of the chance to browse and surprise their loved ones straight out of lockdown.

Card Factory received as much as 9,900 Google searches for its opening times in April. This search volume earns it the fifth place as one of the most searched stores post-lockdown, right next to Debenhams.


This research has shown us that many of us couldn’t wait to go back to shopping traditionally. While online shopping is convenient, there’s nothing quite like having a look for yourself.

The most searched retail stores post-lockdown sell clothing and accessories, homeware and furniture, and cards and presents. We hope this has shed some light on what Brits were looking for post-lockdown.


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