Do I really need pet insurance? 5 purchases deemed ridiculous by some

Do I really need pet insurance? 5 purchases deemed ridiculous by some – words AL Woods

If you are a pet owner, then like many others out there you’ve also had the impulse to buy expensive items for your pet.

Product marketing strategies are becoming very smart, to the point where you start wanting things even if you know at the back of your mind that they are unnecessary.

Many pet owners around the world go the extra mile in pampering their cats and pooches. It is understandable, especially if you consider your pet as a family member. But some of these purchases can be borderline ridiculous and are a waste of money. Here is a list of five products many pet owners waste their money on.


Pet insurance

Getting pet insurance is a good thing – that is if you know how to ensure that you are paying a reasonable premium and getting your money’s worth on the policy. A quality pet insurance plan will cost money, but it will be useful when your pet suddenly requires expensive medical care. The key to lowering the cost of pet insurance is to make sure that you buy a policy while your pet is still young. Since policy premiums increase as your pet gets older, a policy bought when your pet is still young will be much cheaper in the long run.

Designer pet clothes and accessories

If you’ve watched reality television shows following the lives of the rich and the famous, then you must have seen their pets clothed in designer accessories. But the truth is, most pets dislike wearing clothes. In some cases, especially if you live in an area with harsh winters, your vet may recommend you put a sweater or coat on your dog or cat if the breed requires it. Overall, buying expensive pet clothing and accessories is a total waste of money.

Breed-specific pet food

Now, this sounds like the perfect marketing gimmick to get pet owners to pay more for the pet food they buy. Experts agree that no scientific research has a solid outline of the different nutritional requirements of different breeds of cats and dogs. Although buying a specialty product like breed-specific pet food won’t do your pet any harm, it is another waste of money, and you are better off buying what your veterinarian recommends as best for your pet’s dietary needs.

Pet vitamins and over-the-counter medicine

Pet owners get tempted into buying vitamins and supplements for their pets even if it is unnecessary. If you have a healthy pet, you won’t need to give it additional supplements because it already gets all the necessary nutrients from well-balanced pet food.

Luxury beds for pets

Every pet needs a comfortable place to sleep in, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend on a luxury bed for your pets which can set you back hundreds of dollars. It is another pet product you don’t need. Look for an economical option instead, and one that is machine washable for easy maintenance. Pets need a warm and cozy spot to sleep and your pet is likely not going to know the difference if it is a pricey bed or a cheaper one.









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