Essential clothing items every woman needs in her wardrobe

Essential clothing items every woman needs in her wardrobe – words Alexa Wang

Building an up-to-date, diverse wardrobe is a goal that most women have. After all, everyone wants to be wearing the latest and greatest styles and accessories from the top designers – that’s pretty much the name of the game.

With the peak of summertime upon us and fall fast approaching, there are plenty of fashion trends that are practically impossible to ignore as you check out the outfits of women passing by. While we all have varying tastes in style, there are some clothing items that are becoming must-haves thanks to the social power of fashion trends. With that said, here are five essential clothing items every woman should add to their wardrobe:


Ripped Denim and Classic Wash Jeans

The frayed and ripped style that was popular in the 80’s has made a huge comeback lately, except instead of the faded, looser fitting jeans that we used to see in the days of frizzy hair, most of today’s styles have more of a conforming fit. Cuffed jeans are becoming particularly popular during the hot months as they’re a bit more airy on the legs than their longer legged counterparts. Rip and repair styles are also a hot item in women’s clothing right now, with destructed and washed looks being leading styles.


Ankle Boots

A nice pair of ankle boots can do a lot to add elegance to an outfit and are therefore an ideal style of footwear for fancy summer attire. After all, wearing knee high or medium length boots at this time of the year isn’t exactly practical. If you have a dress that goes great with boots but you want a more flexible and comfortable alternative, a pair of ankle boots will probably fit the bill well. The most popular styles are brown or black with buckles or straps along the side and front. Popular brands to consider include UGG, Tory Burch, Zara, Tiba Nora, Sergio Rossi, Red Valentino, and H&M.

Mini Dresses

A neutrally colored (white, black, grey, beige, or brown) mini dress is an excellent asset to add to your wardrobe because it can go with just about anything and it’s one of the most comfortable choices for summer wear. With fall around the corner you might also want to consider some floral or colorful designs that will match the season. Aside from the convenience of matching all your other clothing items aesthetically, mini dresses are also highly flexible and ideal for wear in hot weather.

Classic Handbags

After years of seeing modern handbags dominate the market we’re starting to see a return to the more classical styles. Popular brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton come to mind in this department, but regardless of the brand name, all that matters is that you have at least one bag in your arsenal. For the sake of diversity, you might also want to grab a few shoulder and crossbody styles as well. When choosing a bag for the summer, consider options that utilize lightweight fabrics and knitted designs rather than the heavier leather designs that work better for the fall and winter.


Chances are you already have a few cardigans in your closet somewhere. While traditionally reserved for business or fancy casual wear, in recent years there have been many lighter styles that use heat-friendly materials. These elegant overcoats are a popular choice in the fall when nighttime temps get a little chilly but the daytime is still hot enough to make a conventional jacket or coat out of the question. If you live in a windy area with a frequent summer breeze, you’ll notice that a cardigan will keep you from getting chills without trapping heat and causing sweating. Thus, this is a good outerwear option to choose when the days are warm and nights are moderately chilly.

Staying up-to-date with the Latest Fashion Trends

Keeping a versatile clothing collection that you can be proud of has a lot to do with being aware of the current trends. While the above five items can certainly help round out your wardrobe, there’s much more going on in the world of fashion that’s worthy of your attention. Consider subscribing to one or more fashion magazines to stay aware of the top fads during each season and don’t be afraid to ask for advice and recommendations at your go-to clothing outlet. Likewise, browsing through online store catalogs can give you a better idea of what some of the hottest selling items are and can be a fun pastime for the casual fashionista.

Essential clothing items every woman needs in her wardrobe – words Alexa Wang


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