The importance of accommodation in building the life of a student

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The importance of student accommodation is often less harped upon. People talk relentlessly about how choosing the right course, and the right University is crucial in deciding how the future shall unfold for a student. But they fail to understand that living in a safe place while a student pursues a particular field of study is as vital as anything else.

A student cannot hope to make it big or pay much attention to his/her studies if he/she has to worry ceaselessly about the stay. Imagine yourself cracking your way into one of the Ivy League colleges. But if you do not have boarding facilities or a place to live peacefully, all the effort that you put into acing that strict entrance examination shall end up in smokes. Thus, we need to pay a little attention towards how the right accommodation contributes towards building the future of a student and also look into the several other roles that it has to play in a student’s life.

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Student Accommodation Helps In Saving Time and Effort of a Student To Reach The Campus:

The very first perk of student accommodation and especially one that is provided on campus is the time, effort and energy that it saves for a student to reach the campus on time. The utility of an on-campus accommodation (or any type of accommodation for that matter) can be realized all the more on the first day of college when a student is all rushed and nervous about reaching the right class on time. Having a roof over the head makes for one less problem to worry about. Students can tend to other things when he/she lives near the college and does not have to worry about reaching late or missing out on important classes.

Student Accommodation Helps In Building the Right Social Relationships:

More often than not, student accommodation involves staying in dorms with roommates hailing from different ethnicities and backgrounds. This amalgamation and exchange of cultural interests help in fostering good relationships and expanding the horizon when it comes to relationships. It also helps in learning and acquiring knowledge about people, culture and lifestyle. Student accommodation can, therefore, be treated as a melting pot of diversity.

On the Flipside, Living With A Roommate Can Help Tackle Relationships Better:

There is obviously a fun quotient associated with living with a roommate. But, on the flip side, it can also lead to ugly fights and a period of cold war between two students. Now, you might be wondering what this has got to do with enhancing relationships. Well, in all honesty, living with a roommate in a shared space not only helps build social relationships but also helps in dealing with the uglier side of living with people. It helps in understanding how different people function and helps in dealing with worldly relationships. People have different mental makeup and psyches. And living with roommates in a student accommodation trains one to tackle even the sourest of relationships and compromise where it is needed.

Student Accommodation Inculcates the Habit of Sharing:

While living in student accommodations, a student might be required to share common spaces like bathrooms, study rooms, bedrooms and the like. Students might also share personal belongings with other roommates. This habit of sharing spaces and things helps a student in learning the art of sharing and living together getting past trivial differences. This, further, leads to holistic development of a student’s personality. However, there are also properties like Scape London that can allow a student more privacy than a college dorm, if that is something one is looking for.

Some Student Accommodation Also Exposes Students to the Culture of Staying With the Opposite Sex:

Certain colleges and universities might provide living spaces where one has to live with the opposite sex. This might sound scary, but it also has several advantages up its sleeves. Treat it something like a mixed bag. Students learn how to live and deal with each other and also acknowledge the fact that living together with other genders does not necessarily have to lead to romantic flares or college flings.

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Student Accommodation Helps In Living Independently:

Students learn not only to live with others and share things, but also learn to live on their own. Living alone and independently is a habit (or a practice) that every individual must grow into. Therefore, student accommodation helps one gain emotional independence and trains one to sustain independently.


Accommodations play a very important role in a student’s life. Without the assurance of safe and healthy living space, one cannot concentrate on things that are vital, like coursework and research. Therefore, it is essential that students and their caregivers look into the matter of providing a living space first, and then tend to the other aspects of college life.  


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