Leave or throw away: 6 questions for seasonal cleaning in the wardrobe

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In the current era of mindful consumption, we must feel responsible for everything – even ordinary trousers and a dress. No matter how lovely, for instance, stylish shoes made of plastic, they will stay in the life of our planet for hundreds of years, and when decomposed, they will spread harmful substances into the soil. So how to understand whether you need any particular thing or not?

wardrobe clearout

Does this thing bring me joy?

It is the first question that the Japanese Kondo recommends asking yourself. To answer it, Kondo offers to take the thing in hand. If pleasant memories are associated with this piece of clothing and it awakens joy in you – save the thing, even if you are not going to wear it often. After all, nothing can replace the warmth of a sweater tied by my grandmother, or a dress given by my mother. And as for clothes that cause zero emotions, it’s worth thinking about: if you haven’t worn this skirt for a long time and are indifferent to it, do you need it?

Does this thing fit my lifestyle?

Answering this question, it will not be superfluous to try on a thing to impartially evaluate yourself in it. Is it convenient to run around all day in this skirt? Do you need this jacket, which is hard to even breathe? And a stack of tracksuits spontaneously bought at the beginning of quarantine? Do these things reflect your vision of your style? In case it is your favorite Sam Edelman sandals, of course, leave them and enjoy them every day. But if the answer is “no” – then for sure it is time to subtract the unsuitable categories.

Do I have something to wear this thing with?

Here is a story from the story about the collar written by the Russian author: first, the purchased accessory demanded a new skirt from the hostess, then shoes, then a new haircut, and finally a new man. In order not to happen that the thing guides you, and not vice versa, look at how many existing wardrobe items it is combined with. If there are simply no such solutions, you should consider the fate of the thing. Maybe it would be more suitable for your friend or sister?

Can I fix or alter this thing?

In the new world of consumption, before getting rid of a thing that keeps pleasant memories, you need to try to repair it. A once-beloved skirt that you have not worn for a long time can be hemmed, jacket buttons can be sewn, and knitwear can be darned. Summer dresses and tops should be dyed in the modern technique, and denim should be patched with small stitches according to the Japanese “sashiko” method. Self-repair is also a meditative practice: it puts thoughts and feelings in order and calms down.

Which of my things can I give to charitable foundations?

It is reckless to assume that all the things you do not need will be useful to the funds. Things should be washed, whole, with buttons and zippers – that is, such that they can be put on immediately. Shoes are only the ones in which you can walk all day. In charitable organizations that help the homeless, warm outerwear, scarves, hats, mittens, as well as backpacks and large sports bags are especially in demand. Warm clothes should be taken to the help points in winter, and off-season jackets and shoes – in spring and autumn.

Are there any similar items in your wardrobe?

Is a pair of ordinary black shoes needed if you already have four of these? Is there a real necessity to have another floral dress if there is a whole stack of them in the closet? The rule does not apply except to the fundamentals: if you were lucky once and you found the perfect T-shirt, shirt, or black trousers, it would not be superfluous to buy several pieces at once.

Use these tips to say goodbye to unnecessary things without any sorrow!


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