Here’s How To Make a Splash with Your Wedding Without Drowning Your Budget

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Remove the first two letters from “drowning” and you have “owning”. Actually going from drowning to owning your budget is not quite as easy as deleting a couple of letters. It is hard work. But it is always worth the effort. Besides having a little extra money in your bank account, the main benefit is that you can add on some of the little extras that turn an ordinary occasion into a spectacular event.

Wedding Budget

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Weddings are an excellent way to drain the budget and wash your credit score down the drink for good measure. Just because a purchase is possible, it doesn’t make it wise. You have to make a few hard edits to your plans if you want everything to stay neatly in your budget. That means doing at least some of the following:

  • Reducing your guest list
  • Choosing fish or chicken instead of steak for the banquet
  • Using a less famous singer or DJ

You get the idea. Your splashy wedding plans have to give way to budgetary realities. That said, you can still make a splash and be the talk of the town with these simple ideas:

Sparklers for Key Moments

Sparklers for wedding send off festivities are a great idea and will fit any budget. As a part of the exit strategy for the bride and groom, that display will stick in the minds of the guests. It beats attaching tin cans to the back of the car any day. 

You can even reuse this feature for baby showers and gender reveal ideas. After all, a wedding is not usually a single event. There can be all sorts of events associated with marriage. When you employ the use of sparklers, don’t forget safety. Be sure to order enough for rehearsals. Everyone involved needs to be trained on what to do. And there needs to be a plan for proper disposal of used material. Make safety the priority and fun will be the result.

Budget Apparel 

You don’t have to make everyone dress to the nines to photos worthy of the most demanding Insta. There are many, readily available tips to help you look good on a budget regardless of the occasion. First you can rent suits and dresses. Rentals don’t cost that much and it is unnecessary to buy an expensive piece for a single event. 

Don’t hesitate to buy secondhand. It is a good alternative to renting. Many secondhand garments are indistinguishable from new. You can mix old and new quite easily. A pre-owned formal jacket pairs well with a new shirt and shoes. 

There are other ways to spruce up your appearance such as adding nice accessories. A bracelet or watch adds a touch of class to anything. A well-placed flower adds a tasteful splash of color and a decorative belt, suspenders, or sash can figuratively and literally pull it all together. Make the most out of budget accessories to give you that million-dollar look.

Use a Park

Public parks are popular venues for weddings and other big events. It is easy to understand why. They have virtually unlimited space for ceremonies, receptions, and activities for children. It opens up the possibility for lots of fun activities. The banquet can be picnic-style and the options for lawn games are endless. That said, it doesn’t have to include any casual options. Parks make great venues for formal affairs. So you don’t have to down-class your plans when using a park as a venue. You will also save a truckload of money in the process.


One of the best ways to save money on your spectacular wedding is to relax, take a breath, and figure out what is truly important. You don’t have to have every sliver of bling that comes to mind. You don’t have to turn your wedding into a movie trope. When it comes to elegance and taste, less is usually more. Have a few things that draw the eye. But don’t take the focus away from the bride and groom. 

No one is made of money and money is always a factor. Weddings are meant for all budgets. Do your budget a favor by using sparklers that fit any budget, rental or second hand apparel, and public parks. You will not lose any of the dazzle. But you will save a lot of money. 


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