Chill apparel that men can wear on a hot day


Chill apparelThe holiday season is right around the corner, and the best way to get away from the freezing-cold weather is to go on a tropical getaway.

After you’ve booked your plane tickets and accommodations and planned out your itinerary, you can start packing your summer essentials.

Tropical countries have warm weather all year round (usually) and have two only seasons: dry and wet. Even when you arrive in the wet season, you still experience plenty of hot and humid days, so you should still be prepared with lightweight, moisture-absorbent clothing and accessories that will protect you from the sun.

Even if you’re not planning a vacation anytime soon, it’s never too early to prepare for the summer. You can save money by buying your summer clothes in the fall season and winter season.

Plain White Cotton Tee

A white T-shirt is never amiss in the summer season—or in all seasons, for that matter. The light color and lightweight material help you stay cool. Plus a plain white T-shirt easily goes well with other apparel, so it’s easy to mix and match to create a complete outfit.

When buying a plain white tee, check if it is made of 100 percent cotton. Some cotton shirts have polyester, rayon, or nylon, which are fabrics you should avoid wearing during summer or hot weather.

menswearLinen Shirt

If you need something more dressy but not stuffy, wear a linen shirt. Aside from pure cotton, linen is the perfect material for summer clothes. It’s cool and lightweight because linen is highly absorbent and an excellent conductor of heat.

The downside of wearing linen is that it wrinkles easily, which means it’s not ideal for business suiting unless you get the high-quality, expensive kind. Fortunately, there’s a more affordable alternative, like the cotton-and-linen-blend fabric.

Cotton-linen-blend cloth is lightweight and breathable. Although not as sleek as more expensive fabrics are, it’s still fairly smooth and durable even after several washes.

alternative fashionKhaki Shorts

Khaki shorts are perfect for summer. They’re cool and stylish. They’re also not stay-at-home casual, so you can wear them when you go out. Wear khaki shorts with a lightweight cotton or linen button-up shirt, and you have a suitable outfit for a summer party, a sailing getaway, or an outing at the local mall.

There are a lot of colors to choose from, but the best summer colors for khaki shorts are pastels and neutrals. These go well with the bright, sunny weather and make you look chill and refreshed.

Chill apparelChinos

Pants can be a pain to wear during the hot summer weather, but you can’t wear shorts for every occasion. Your boss certainly won’t like it if you came in wearing khaki shorts, even if you wear your tie properly. Fortunately, lightweight chinos are there to save you from the overheating at work.

In a more casual workplace, chinos can replace your usual wool slacks. They come in many colors—neutral, pastel, dark, and saturated. Chinos can also be worn for garden parties, dinner dates, and coffee shop meetings. See this guide to learn how to style chinos.

menswearDark Sunglasses

A summer outfit won’t be complete without a pair of dark sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses is the ideal accessory for bright summer days because it’s both stylish and functional. It gives you a celebrity-like aura and protects your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.

Choose the perfect pair of sunglasses to suit your face. Identify your shape. If your face is round, sunglasses with round frames will make it look more circular. Avoid sunglasses with sharp outlines if you have a square-shaped face and sharp features.

You want sunglasses that will frame and compliment your face. In case you have problems with choosing the perfect pair, you can rarely go wrong with classic styles, like these wayfarer sunglasses from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts and aviator sunglasses.

Chill apparelPanama Hat

A panama hat is the perfect way to cap off your summer attire (pun intended). It makes an outfit look laid-back yet stylish, simple yet dressy. The best thing about panama hats is that they’re incredibly versatile, so you can wear them with any style and in different seasons.

Wear one with a summer suit, and look confident and relaxed. Top off your linen shirt and khaki shorts with a panama hat to upgrade your casual style. There are many ways you can wear a panama hat.


Oxfords and dress shoes may look fancy and sleek, but they’re not exactly the most comfortable to wear in hot weather. Loafers are the perfect alternative. They’re slightly dressy yet laid-back. Plus they’re easy to put on and take off when your feet get too hot.

Loafers can also be worn with a variety of summer outfits. You can wear them with a summer suit, khaki shorts, and chinos. Loafers are versatile, comfortable, and stylish.

Final Word

Whether you’re going on a tropical getaway or enduring the cold in your country, it’s never too early to prepare for your wardrobe for the summer. Since summer clothes aren’t fit to wear in the cold season, many clothing shops sell them for low prices.

You can find a lot of good deals and save money when you buy your summer clothes off-season. And when the season arrives, you don’t have to deal with the crowd of shoppers looking to purchase their summer outfits.

Chill apparel that men can wear on a hot day – words Al Woods 


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