Dresses with attitude and style for this summer

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Dresses with attitude and style for this summer – words Alexa Wang

To be fashionable isn’t to look like everyone else or to fit in with the trends of the day. In the era of punk and beyond, many people have viewed working in fashion as an iconoclastic act.

The Vivienne Westwoods of this world have paired left-of-centre sartorial choices with leftist political stances, and been championed for their outspoken attitudes on major issues like climate change and international conflict.

Whether you think designers should double up as protesters or not is beyond the point. The point is, fashion is sometimes a revolutionary act; a way to make the clothes you wear a statement of intent; an extension of your personality and beliefs. In short, the clothes you wear are a way of living.

Sometimes the lofty ideals of fashionistas can filter into the high street, imbuing some clothes with the same attitudes and dispositions for some casual summer outfit ideas.

With that in mind, we’ve been on the hunt for a few dresses with attitude that will make you stand out from the crowd and unearthed some sartorial gems in the AX Paris range. They might not count as revolutionary acts – but they are super stylish alternative dresses!


Crochet neck floral print dress

Floral patterns are a common pattern on dresses, but few really pop like the pale blues and reds that adorn this crochet neck floral print dress. Its slinky fit and short length make this a dress that’s designed for people who don’t mind showing off. But it’s perfect for any occasion, from chilled out lounges in the summer sun to major garden parties.

Off shoulder swing dress

The indie singer Mitski, slowly becoming famed for her punk aesthetic, has been making waves in the fashion world for her striking dress sense. And you can imagine her throwing on this off shoulder swing dress for a gig. A little black number, this is a dress that will appeal to all the goths who don’t want to endure bright colours in the summertime.

Leaf printed skater dress

A dress that emanates an effortless cool, this leaf printed number oozes a deep yellow that’s offset by the pure white of the leaves. And it straddles the seasons, remaining just as fashionable in spring and summer as much as it will during autumn. Match it with a stylish set of sunglasses and some great heels and you’ll look like you’ve invested in some killer couture at any time in the year.

Chiffon belted bodycon dress

Two-in-one dresses have been a little like an unloved child in this article, barely mentioned and a little neglected. But this chiffon belted bodycon dress more than makes up for it, a stylish slinky number that would fit as well in a party setting as it would in a bustling office.

Have you got any dresses you’d like us to cover? Then let us know in the comments below!

Dresses with attitude and style for this summer – words Alexa Wang


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