Mind bending cover versions of Rolling Stones track I’m Free

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Mind bending cover versions of Rolling Stones track I’m Free – words Alan Wells

What a track. We all know those opening words – “I’m free to do what I want any old time.”

Magners have got together with a seriously diverse array of artists who perform their version of the Stones’ classic in their own very unique way. This is part of their ‘Hold True’ campaign that draws attention to the cider maker’s long illustrious history as well as its contemporary take on cider.

To celebrate this love of tradition coupled with a forward looking philosophy they invited some diverse musicians to do their own unique cover versions of Rolling Stones classic ‘I’m Free’. In the resulting video we meet a 66 year old punk singer (who refers to himself as the Forrest Gump of alternative culture) who is still true to his cause. We are also introduced to a modern 7 piece ska group, a raw hot rocking blues band, a classical harpist and a hip hop artist. The differing versions of the Stones’ classic are quite mind bending as you hear them back to back.

It just goes to show how tradition and innovation can work together and fashion new ground-breaking takes on a song that is now over 40 years old. In an ever evolving world of change and forward leaping technology it is important to value tradition as well. It is good sometimes to sit back and put your feet up (and sip a Magners of course) and take time to appreciate your roots. Magners take time to make their cider and they’ve been making it since 1935. They use 17 varieties of apples to get it just right and press and filter them in the traditional way. It takes time to ferment the cider and lots more time to mature – up to two whole years in fact but it’s best to get it right.

You can download the songs via iTunes here and Google Play here

For more information on #HoldTrue visit www.magners.co.uk

Mind bending cover versions of Rolling Stones track I’m Free – words Alan Wells



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