When is it time to sell your home? Here’s 8 common reasons

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Did you know that the average Brit will move home eight times in their lifetime!? That’s an awful lot of buying and selling!

So when is it time to sell your home? Major live events, new jobs and needing more space are just some of the motives you might have for selling up and start somewhere new. Here are eight common reasons for selling a home…



Due to limitations on our finances, the first few homes we buy are likely to fall short in a variety of ways (such as poor decoration, a bad location or insufficient size), but it’s selling that can help move us closer to living in the home of our dreams.

Relocating for work

Starting a new job is also a very common reason for moving home: a new role can mean having to take on the rush hour traffic, resulting in a hefty commute. So, it makes sense to sell up and buy somewhere closer to your new place of work!


It’s not unusual for the family home to be sold if you’re going through a divorce. Often, selling is necessary in order to release assets so that they can be divided up appropriately, and even if one partner retains the property they’ll sometimes struggle to maintain it on one income. Selling solves this problem and makes sure everyone gets to start fresh.

A new relationship

Similarly, the beginning of a new relationship can prompt a house sale. Moving in with a new partner can mean that one party needs to sell, and sometimes a new chapter in a new home can feel like the best option for a new couple making a go of it.

Needing something bigger

Many of us find that we outgrow our homes eventually, filling up rooms, loading up the garage and cramming belongings in the loft… and that’s before we consider other factors such as a growing family! Selling a house and buying one with more bedrooms, more storage and more square feet is a sensible option for many of us.

Wanting a better location

Another reason for selling is to get away from a bad location, or to move into a nicer one. For instance, some areas might suffer particularly badly with particular crimes, or you simply might want to invest your money in a desirable location where house prices consistently rise.

Stopping repossession

Falling behind on the mortgage and finding yourself threatened with a repossession order is a very stressful thing to experience. So, it’s not surprising that some people would choose to sell in order to avoid it happening, paying back the mortgage lender what they’re owed and moving on to live in a more affordable property.

Moving into a retirement home

Finally, old age can prompt a house sale if we become unable to safely live in our homes. Many people are happy in a retirement community, and selling up in order to reside in assisted-living housing can be the perfect solution for those with health problems.

Are you thinking of selling your home for one of these eight reasons? Well, if you are and you’ve found yourself wondering “how am I going sell my house?”, consider the various ways you could do it. You could use the services of a company that specialise in buying up houses within short time frames, or you could embark on the lengthier process of advertising it through a traditional estate agent. Alternatively, you could try marketing your home yourself. Whatever the case, good luck!


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