Improve your international outlook through MBA Programs in Canada

Improve your international outlook through MBA Programs in Canada – words Alan Woods

The flow of business is not restricted by international borders, but that doesn’t mean you can walk into any meeting across the globe and speak the same language as your foreign counterparts.

This problem is also not solved simply by learning how to speak French or Japanese (although a second language is another way you can really boost your competitive edge), but is solved by gaining real international experience during a full or part time MBA program.


In order to compete globally, managers and executives need to understand the cultures and practices of commerce in other countries. International immersion experiences are designed to give students a broader outlook, show them real meetings, and introduce them to the issues and concerns facing the business community in their host country.

Navigate other cultures confidently and independently.By opening your eyes and experiencing different cultures, from etiquette to expectations, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to work with teams across the globe. Studying abroad can also give you a greater understanding of the values and practices of Canadian administration. You’ll also walk away with a lesson many of the most successful executives have learned: understand before you act.

What does leadership mean across the globe? A successful Canadian management style is about tapping into the team’s resources as a whole. Decisiveness is a valuable quality, but not before consulting the group and making use of its technical knowledge. Learning the qualities that make successful leaders in other cultures will better prepare you for leading diverse groups and expose you to new ideas.

International experience for a global marketplace. Employers are looking for business leaders with a broad outlook, who can communicate across cultural divides, and make firm partnerships with international business leaders. They also want hard skills like understanding regulations, legislation, and standards across borders. You can highlight the hard and soft skills you learn through an international MBA immersion on your CV and show that you can be a valuable asset to any outward-looking company.

Business schools in Canada like Wilfrid Laurier University offer summer school MBA programs in other countries. Students are free to choose the school they wish to attend, tailoring it to their own career ambitions. They can also spend a summer term at one of two European b-schools known for their international programs to network with top MBA candidates from across the world. To learn more about available summer school options, just follow this link:

European Summer School for Advanced Management (ESSAM) in Aarhus, Denmark offers a business program that attracts MBA students from all corners of the globe. ESSAM enables its students to network and learn about doing business in the European Union. Credits are fully transferable to Canadian programs like Laurier’s.

Euromed, the oldest b-school in France, is located in Marseilles and now part of KEDGE Business School. In addition to a number of electives taught in English, the school also offers French language courses and workshops that will help candidates find local internships. Anyone who wants a career working with partners across borders will find that international immersion is an invaluable experience.

Improve your international outlook through MBA Programs in Canada – words Alan Woods


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