Most stylish cars you need to be driving this summer

Many of us like our cars to be as fashionable as our wardrobes, which is why so many of us are now opting for finance and lease car deals when it comes to a new vehicle that allows us to chop and change cars every few years and enjoy the luxuries of the latest models at a fraction of the price. But what are the most stylish cars for you to choose from for summer 2016? Here are a few suggestions:


BMW 2 Series Sports

There’s nothing better when the sun is shining than retracting the roof on your car and taking it out for a spin or on a scenic drive to the coast and the BMW 2 Series Sport is the perfect make for this. We mentioned leasing a car before, and you can actually pick this model up for a reasonable price per month – around the £250 mark – which means a lot of motor for your money. This car goes great with a Bridget Jones style headscarf, sunnies and plenty of sun cream on the nose and shoulders to save you looking like a lobster when you reach your destination!


Fiat 500

When it comes to fashionable cars, you can’t beat a Fiat 500 and for summer a cute pastel colour is definitely a good choice. Opt for a bright mint green or a pretty mellow yellow and your car will be more on trend than you and your wardrobe! Perfect for city driving, and squeezing into those tight spaces in the airport car park, the 500 is a great all round car that’s not only great to look at but super economic to drive.


Citroen C1

This car looks a little futuristic but it isn’t one of the most leased car models in the UK for nothing! Nippy and small in size, it’s perfect for cruising round town in summer and has plenty of boot space to pack in everything you need for a day at the beach. Go for a bold black or an icy white this summer and tap into that always on trend monochrome look; while the C1 may be little, it makes up for size in style.


Mini Convertible

Minis are the very definition of style when it comes to cars. They’re cute, compact and come in a variety of colours to match most tastes. Plus, if you can get the roof down on the model then that’s the summer car for you – and mini convertibles look great come rain or shine. The sports model is a two door but comes with four seats and a luxurious leather interior – there’s also an AUX input port, so you can blast out the tunes while you cruise with the top down!

Choose from one of these makes and models when selecting your car this summer, whether you’re renewing an existing lease deal, upgrading or simply buying new and you’ll be driving fashionably all summer long!








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