5 Virtual Home Staging Tips For Selling Homes

words Al Woods

Selling homes is hard. Preparing homes for sale is even harder, especially when the home is empty as spaces tend to look smaller. So it’s no surprise that the concepts of home staging, and recently, virtual home staging, as marketing tactics have risen in popularity.

However, apart from being a time-consuming and expensive venture, home staging is also limited to offering lesser design options when compared to virtual home staging.

Virtual home staging allows you to offer multiple themes, designs, and decor options. You can transform the empty space and customize it with designs that are most likely to appeal to any of your prospective buyers. If you are thinking of using this service to sell your home faster, don’t miss out on following the below tips – 

Virtual Home Staging

Offer Multiple Design Options 

You can virtually design your home in different styles to attract various buyers. There is no particular style or design that is liked by everyone. By offering multiple options, you are more likely to present one matching their personal taste. You could also try styling each room differently. From a traditional homestead-looking living room to a mid-century modern bedroom, you can provide different effects across your home. 

Take High-resolution Photographs

This tip may sound obvious but we cannot stress how important it is. If you are thinking of just using your phone to click a few obligatory pictures and upload them, it may be a missed opportunity. You would not want a potential buyer zooming in to take a closer look and encounter a blurry mess.

You can use a camera with decent specifications to get the job done or seeing as real estate photography is a rising market, you could look for a decent photographer to do the job. 

Get The Angles Right

Be it a beach house or a regular two-storey unit, the photographs of your home should be taken at the right angles to make a bigger impact on buyers. Try getting the entire room and its features in one shot. Doing so is important as using more than one picture to showcase one area/room may come across as shoddy. 

You can ask your photographer to add components like shelving, furniture, windows, etc., using other virtual staging tools or do it yourself.

Use Lighting

Using lighting in your pictures even during the day, will give a warm and open look to your home. It will also make the job easier for your virtual staging editors. Ample lighting softens shadows and manipulates different elements to ensure vibrant colors and consistent texture. It also makes your home realistic-looking despite adding virtual items.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that photos taken during the Golden hour turn out amazing. The first hour after the sun rises and the last hour before it sets, the golden hour, will make your home look more inviting, dreamy, and natural.

Choose The Right Colors

One thing that virtual home staging makes infinitely easier is re-painting. You can experiment with different colors and not worry about wasting time or money as much. Since color choices can attract or alienate potential buyers, it is important to be careful. 

The safest choice would be to go with neutral or earthy colors. However, if you find those to be too dull or boring, you could go for pastel colors. A light or soft shade of green for your kitchen to a soothing shade of pale blue for your bathroom can completely change the look of your home. 

Tips Selling Homes

Selling homes is a tough art to master. Especially in recent times when the real estate market is experiencing fluctuations and sellers and realtors alike are trying to find new ways to attract buyers. A recent trend has been to offer sought-after amenities like home warranties, gift personalized items, or even pay for closing costs. 

Either way, the virtual home staging tips we listed above are sure to attract buyers. Just keep in mind that buyers need to be able to imagine themselves owning your home and having a great time. Make your staging and freebie choices accordingly.


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