Improve your grooming and hygiene routine

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It’s astounding to think that so many of us reach adulthood without even being taught basic personal hygiene skills.

It is rather less surprising, then, that so many of us are lacking in one or more key aspects of our hygiene. Here are some of the most important steps that you can take to improve your grooming and hygiene routine.



There aren’t many essential everyday activities that can actually draw blood if you get them wrong, but shaving is one of them.

Of course, the rules surrounding shaving greatly differ between men and women, but basics applicable to everyone include deciding between electric and disposable razors. While the former are certainly cheaper in the long term, they don’t always provide the close shave that disposable razors do.

If you are a guy who chooses to grow a beard, meanwhile, you will need to consider whether to shave it or instead simply trim it periodically to keep it neat.


One good piece of unconventional wisdom is to avoid showering every day – once every two days is sufficient for most of us. We suggest this because showering on a daily basis strips away your skin and hair’s essential oils, resulting in your body producing more to compensate.

Even the actual showering process isn’t necessarily as straightforward as it first appears. Instead of reaching for the soap straight away, spend the first few minutes just allowing the water to run over you. Make sure it’s warm water rather than hot water – while the former is effective in the removal of dirt and residue, especially hot water can dry out your skin.

Don’t ignore your feet either – scrub your toes and the bottom of your feet with a washcloth to minimise the likelihood of foot fungus and other nasty issues with this easily forgotten-about area of the body.

Oral care

Did you know that a quarter of adults – including a third of men – don’t brush their teeth twice a day? It’s no surprise, then, that 84% of adults have at least one or more fillings.

It’s a shame that so few people follow even the most basic rules for dental health, including brushing their teeth two or three times a day, for two minutes on each occasion.

Don’t simply spend 10 seconds sliding your toothbrush back and forth across your front teeth – divide your mouth into four sections (bottom left, bottom right, top left and top right) and brush each of them for 30 seconds.

Another vital aspect of oral hygiene is flossing – and yet, only 21% of adults use dental floss regularly. Not only is this dental string crucial for dislodging bits of food that can become stuck between your teeth, it is also a key aid in your fight against bad breath.

The above may be just a few of the many ways in which you can improve your oral health, but they should nonetheless be great starting points for a personal hygiene routine that will support your all-round wellbeing.

This blog post was written in partnership with BF Mulholland.




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