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MAC’s Cher Webb on London Collections Men – Flux Magazine

MAC’s Cher Webb on London Collections Men

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Cher Webb is Senior Artist at M.A.C. And to give a glimpse behind the scenes of a top make-up creative, Cher will be posting a monthly column on FLUX telling us what she’s been working on, the trends and the shows. Here’s her first column on London Collections Men!


I’ve just finished Menswear and I have to say it was an absolute joy. There always seems to be a relaxed vibe backstage and the male models are always fresh faced, smiley and a delight to work with.

I think this is because they rarely get to walk a runway and for most of them it is their first time so are be a little nervous naturally.  There is a lot less stress and noise compared to London Fashion Week and a lot less hours, it’s been a great 3 days.


I was the key artist for 3 shows, one of which was the Mr Start and Mr Hare presentation. The two designers collaborated together for this 2 hour presentation which was filled with fashionistas, bloggers and celebrities such as Dermot O’Leary, Tinchy Strider and David Gandy who were amongst the many guests.
I arrived an hour early for this show to do makeup for Brix Smith-Start who I regularly work with. Both Pixie and Gladys – Brix’s Pugs – were backstage running around making the atmosphere feel very homely. Together we decided to go for a soft brown smokey eye with a sleek black liner flick and a bright Magenta lip which I created and mixed especially for her using our MAC Pro Lipmix. I added some individual lashes to compliment the eye naturally.

The natural looking smoky eye is a classic that seems to be a favourite with women from season to season and looks great on everyone in different depths depending on skin tone. This look is very similar to the one seen in the beauty shoot visual. An advantage of wearing this type of eye shade is that you can pair it up with any shade lip of lipstick be it bold or nude.

Orange lips are a huge trend for the summer and it really compliments a healthy tan and freckles. To create the look of sun kissed skin try adding a matte bronzer or deeper face powder to the contours of your face. Try a mineral powder in a shade darker than your skin tone for a beautiful natural and radiant finish to the skin. Also add some light freckles to your nose and cheek area. A good fine pencil or marker is good for this. We have a Penultimate Brow Marker in a soft brown shade and it stains the skin slightly so they fade over time.. No one will ever know they aren’t real! I add a few everyday to give the appearance of fresh holiday skin, I also curl my lashes which instantly open my eyes making them look bigger and more awake. This is something I do on every makeup I create.

I’m excited for tomorrow as I’m taking my Mum to see Swan Lake! Our first ever ballet. M.A.C supports the show and I can’t wait to see the many makeup looks being showcased. It will be a complete moment to be at the Royal Albert Hall watching all the beautiful Swans adorned in makeup and in TuTu’s! I’m sure it will be an incredibly inspiring evening.

Catch Cher Webb on FLUX next month with news from the make-up artist front line.



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