4 Skincare Tips from the Top Spas

words Alexa Wang

Getting a skin treatment from one of the top spas in the world is a dream for many people. It feels really good having a person taking care of the needs of your skin and making sure that it flourishes.

You can have many things such as masks, exfoliation, extractions, and oils applied to your skin to make you shine. After the entire process, your skin feels amazing and your self-confidence grows.

Skincare Spa

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However, getting these treatments from top spas can cost a lot of money. This is a comfort that most people do not have.

That notwithstanding, it does not mean that you can not enjoy spa moments. This is because using tips from these spas, you can recreate the same experience for yourself. Some skincare tips from the top spas that you can use include;

Skin Scrubbing

Top spas use amazing skin scrubs that come with complicated formulas to give their clients an amazing experience.

Similarly, if you need the ultimate experience at home, then you need to use the same products used in spas. Pevonia products are among the best products that can get you that experience.

You can also try making your own scrubbing products using brown sugar and honey. When doing this, you need to ensure that it is gentle for it to exfoliate well. Apply these products on your skin after cleaning it and then massage it gently. 

After that, you will need to use warm water when washing the products off. This will leave you with a fresh, clean, and shiny complexion, just like the one you would get from a spa.

Double Cleanse Your Skin

If you visit a spa, you will realize that they put a lot of effort into removing any sweat, dirt, grime, or even makeup from your skin. They use a number of steps to completely clean your skin.

Similarly, you need to recreate this process when doing this at home. The first thing to do should be to clean any makeup that you might have with warm water. While doing this, you need to make sure that you are removing any oil or dirt from the skin as well.

After that, get two saturated cotton pads and press them against your skin. You then need to gently wipe any water or makeup that remains on the skin. 

Steam Your Skin

Most top spas use a steam machine when opening the pores of their clients. This is one of the secrets to beautiful skin that they offer. Even though laying under this machine gives one a gentle and relaxing feeling, it also does an amazing job when opening up skin pores.

When doing this on your own, you can prepare steam at home. This plays an important role in releasing oil, grime, and dirt from your skin. It also helps in getting rid of bacteria that might hide in the pores.

Additionally, steaming your skin prepares it for any other skincare products or beauty products that you are going to use. It helps them work effectively and leave you looking good.

Use Antioxidants for Skin Toning

Spas use things such as oils, serums, and essences on your skin when getting a facial treatment. These products play an important role when polishing and making your skin smooth. They also target dark spots and fine lines making sure that they are not visible.

Even though this might sound difficult to achieve at home, you can do it on your own. This requires you to look for antioxidant formulated products. One example of a product you can use is Retinol. This product exfoliates your skin and ensures that your pores are cleaned well.

Other easy to get products that you can use as antioxidants are green tea, resveratrol, and Vitamin E. This shows how easy it can get to recreate the use of antioxidants on your own.


Every other person wants to have glowing and flawless skin. However, it gets difficult especially due to the high costs charged by spas, the cost of new products, and the vast skincare advice offered on the Internet. 

That notwithstanding, you can easily recreate the spa treatment at your home. All you need is to make sure that you are using the products used in spas or recreating the same products using readily available ingredients. This way, you will have that skin that you have always dreamt of having.


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