An Easy Guide To Finding The Right Wig

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 People wear wigs for all sorts of reasons. Some wear them to change their hairstyles without having to commit to a cut, style, color change, etc. Others wear them, because their hair is thinning, or they have a medical condition. There are a plethora of reasons, but regardless of your reason for wanting to wear a wig, with so many different types, where do you even begin?

How do you know what sort of wig is the right one for you? If this is something causing you grief, you’re in the right place. Here’s a simple guide to wigs.

Find Right Wig

1. Lace Wigs

Some of the most popular wigs out there today are lace and lace front wigs. According to WigReports, this is because these sorts of wigs tend to look the most natural. As the name suggests, in a lace front wig, only the front is lace, while the full lace wig is entirely lace. The lace finish means that you can wear the wig in most hairstyles with it looking completely natural and not like a wig. For simple styles that look natural and to simply wear your hair out of your face, a lace front will suffice. But if you are wanting to do some crazy fun updos, we highly recommend using a full lace wig as these can basically be parted anywhere and will look natural. Lace wigs are also great for women suffering from severe hair loss. They tend to be more expensive but are the most natural looking and comfortable.

2. Natural or Synthetic?

It’s true that human hair wigs tend to look more natural than synthetic ones, but they come with a much bigger price tag. Human hair wigs tend to last longer and are more durable, with the biggest benefit being that they can be styled and maintained in the same way as actual hair. This also means that it responds to weather and humidity the same way actual hair would, which can be a real downside. This is why so many people turn to synthetic ones. They are not as heavy as human hair wigs. In fact, tons of people prefer synthetic wigs today as they have come really far. Higher-end ones don’t feel plasticky at all and look incredibly realistic. They are cheaper than human hair, but unlike human hair, many can’t be styled with high heat, especially when you choose the cheaper options. We recommend that you start off with a good-quality synthetic wig and eventually move to human hair once you’re more comfortable with wigs.

3. Head Size

Just like your shoe size, wigs come in an array of different sizes. When your wig is too tight, it looks unnatural and is uncomfortable for you to wear all day. When buying a wig, you need to get one according to your head size. The right fit will give you more confidence and make you feel great about how you look. Some wigs come with an adjustable band at the base, but if you’re completely off with the size, this won’t do anything for the fit. When starting out, most people recommend that you size up in the beginning. A little too big is way better than too small and too tight. Pay close attention to the sizing chart when you purchase a wig and don’t go for the most expensive option from the get-go.

4. The Cap

Depending on your wig needs, you’ll want to consider cap construction. For example, if you are wearing a wig with a full head of hair underneath, you’ll want something that breathes and clips into your hair. If you don’t have any hair, you’ll want something with some grip that keeps your wig in place and keeps the head warm. If you are wanting to revive a hairline, use a cap with lots of ventilation, like a lace front. Be realistic with your needs when considering a cap, as the wrong sort of cap could cause more hair loss.

5. Wig Shape and Color

Most people want their wigs to look as natural as possible. This means finding a cut that suits your face shape and a color that looks good with your skin tone. If you aren’t sure what to choose, play it safe in the beginning and go for a hairstyle you know suited you as well as something as close to your natural color as possible. You can always get a slightly longer wig and take it to a hairdresser who can shape and cut it for you.

6. Playing Around

Once you’ve become a little more comfortable with things, you’ll find that wigs are fun and allow you to be more creative and experimental with your hair color, cut, style, etc. They become an accessory more than something you have to wear. You’ll want to wear them.

Wearing a wig is nothing to be ashamed of. It gives you all sorts of freedom and can be used to cover up balding, or change your hair color, length and style for a day. We highly recommend you give them a go and that you aren’t intimidated by all the different options out there after reading this.


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