Embrace Your Curls: The Best Cuts and Styles for Curly Hair

words Al Woods

From loose waves to tight coils, curly hair is endlessly beautiful. But without the right haircut and styling, those spirals can quickly become a frizzy, unmanageable mess. Finding the perfect curly look is all about working with your texture, not against it.

Certain cuts remove bulk, encourage definition, and maximize bounce, as shown in this guide to curtain bangs for curly hair to curtain bangs for curly hair. And simple styling techniques enhance your natural curls instead of disguising them. Read on for tips to find your ideal curly cut and routines to bring out your hair’s best.

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Why Layers Work Wonders

The number one rule for curly haircuts is layers, layers, layers. Long layers in particular do wonders to remove weight and bulk that drag curls down. Shorter layers at the crown build volume at the roots. And face-framing layers around the eyes, cheeks, and jaw soften the look.

Layers work so well because they thin out areas prone to extreme bulk. Removing density encourages springy curls to pop up rather than fall flat. Long layers prevent that dreaded “triangle” look by avoiding blunt ends at the bottom.

When getting layers cut, request “interior layering.” This means avoiding overly thinning the last 3-4 inches of hair. Point cutting the very ends makes them look stringy. Interior layers boost bounce while keeping ends looking full.

Shoulder-length cuts with layers are a versatile option for curly manes. The medium length balances volume on top and bottom without going too short. Soft layers around the face complement all features. For those with tight ringlets, precision blunt layers sculpt the coiled pattern.

Go for the Curly Shag

If you want to fully indulge those natural curls, nothing beats the curly shag. A shag cut with choppy, razor-cut layers mimics the movement and flow of curly hair. Shorter layers at the crown provide lift, while angles contour the face.

The curly shag is versatile enough to wear hair down and free or pulled up. The layers remove enough density for curls to spiral out instead of clump together. With the movement built right into the cut, curly shags require minimal styling.

This modern, edgy cut also delivers definition. Curls coil into tendrils that spring up as the top layers fall. The result is touchable texture that appears effortlessly chic. For tight ringlets, the shag shape sculpts divine spirals.

When requesting the curly shag, avoid going too short. Focus on shoulder length cuts with face-framing fringe. This maintains feminine flair while capitalizing on curly texture. Bring photos of shags on similar curl patterns to your stylist.

Blunt Cuts Encourage Definition

While layers boost volume, blunt cuts are ideal for defining spirals. Skipping layers and point cutting for a blunt edge helps curls clump into unified coils. The straight across ends minimize frizz and encourage ringlets.

Blunt cuts work best on curly hair at least several inches long. Anything too short will lose the weight needed to form spirals. Chin or shoulder length cuts allow enough length for springy clumps. Resist over-thinning with layers to maintain the integrity of the coils.

For those with tight ringlets, a blunt cut sculpts wavy spirals closer to the head. The cut complements the natural curl pattern instead of working against it. This looks especially striking on short to medium lengths. Go for a squared edge to get defined, polished curls.

Get Swoopy with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs epitomize curly hair goals. The long, sweeping fringe softens facial features while blending seamlessly into curls. Short bangs tend to stick straight up on curly textures. But curtain bangs cooperate.

The length of the fringe makes curtain bangs easy to style too. Blow dry them back or forward to adapt to your look that day. When curly hair is extra frizzy, sweep curtain bangs into a ponytail or pin them out of the way.

Curtain bangs frame the eyes, cheekbones, and smile without competing with the curls. Point cutting the ends prevents bluntness. And blending the edges into face framing layers creates a seamless effect. For frizzy curls, curtain bangs are a game changing fringe option.

Wash and Go for Effortless Style

Embracing your natural texture is the secret to low maintenance curly style. Skipping the blow dryer and embracing wash and go styling cuts routine time significantly. Here are tips for effortless air dried curls:

– Wash hair upside down in the shower to encourage volume

– Apply a moisturizing curl cream or leave-in conditioner

– Distribute your favorite styling product – gel, mousse, spray

– Scrunch curls gently as you go to define spirals

– Use a microfiber towel or t-shirt to blot excess moisture

– Let hair air dry fully – no touchups or scrunching til dry

– Shake out roots and style with fingers once dry

The key is not touching curls until completely dry to avoid frizz. Let those spirals set untouched. Then shake out the roots and style as needed with minimal disruption. Wash and go cuts styling time down while showing off natural texture.

Diffuse Smarter, Not Longer

Diffusing hair is faster than air drying, but keep time with the dryer minimized. Diffusing wet curls too long risks frizz and heat damage. Follow these tips:

– Start with damp hair – diffuse mostly dry hair 20-30%

– Tip head upside down and diffuse roots on low heat

– Cup curls in bowl concentrator as you go – don’t rake

– Refresh roots every few minutes with a quick blast

– Touch curls as little as possible while diffusing

– Scrunch out the crunch when 100% dry

Diffusing upside down plumps roots while encouraging spiral formation. Cupping curls preserves definition. Limiting time reduces disruption. Let curls set and bond naturally as much as possible.

Sleep Like a Queen With Silk

The slippery fabric of silk and satin pillowcases can make a huge difference in preserving curly style overnight. Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture and cause friction with hair. Silk and satin minimize disruptions.

The benefits of silk pillowcases include:

– Less dryness and moisture loss overnight

– Reduced friction equals less frizz

– Helps maintain curl definition

– Prevents tangles and knots

– Minimizes hair breakage

– Keeps styles like braids intact

Silk or satin scarves, bonnets, and scrunchies provide the same friction-free protection for curls. Keep them handy for travel and lazy Sunday mornings when you don’t wash hair.

Deep Condition for Elasticity

Hydration is a curly girl’s best friend. The twistier your strands, the more prone to dryness they become. Make weekly deep conditioning treatments non-negotiable.

Look for penetrating formulas with oils, butters, and ceramides to nourish hair. Apply liberally from roots to ends after shampooing. Pop on a shower cap and let the mask soak in 15-30 minutes. The results will be noticeably smoother, softer curls.

The Best Products for Curly Hair

Having the right styling products makes a big difference in maximizing textures. Here are some ingredients and formulas to look for:

– Cleansing co-washes instead of shampoo

– Silicone-free conditioners and stylers

– Hydrating masks and oils for moisture

– Curl defining gels and mousses

– Botanical creams with hold to tame frizz

– Antioxidant rich serums to boost shine

– Alcohol-free sprays for touch-ups

Some beloved brands for curly hair include DevaCurl, Ouidad, SheaMoisture, Cantu, Pattern, and Rizos Curls. Try sample sizes to test products before committing. With the perfect routine, you will learn to love your natural curls.

The Takeaway

Healthy, defined curls rely first and foremost on the foundation – your cut and daily care. Layers, curly shags, blunt cuts, and curtain bangs all work with your texture in flattering ways. Low manipulation styling, silk pillowcases, and deep conditioning keep curls hydrated and frizz-free.

While curly hair requires special consideration, the results are well worth the efforts. Embrace those natural spirals as your best accessory. With the right techniques, your curls will bounce, shine, and turn heads.



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