A guide to finding a career you love

A guide to finding a career you love – words Al Woods

As a job will take up a great deal of your time, it is critical to find a career you love. It will make it easier to pull yourself out of bed each morning, embark on a commute, and get to work. If you don’t, you might be tempted to hop from job to job due to a lack of passion or dedication to a role or industry.

Securing a satisfying career doesn’t need to be a pipe dream. Read the following tips on how to find a career you love.


Find the Perfect Match

According to a recent poll, only 15% of the one billion full-time workers across the world are engaged at work. This could be due to a lack of interest in an industry, a small paycheck, boring tasks, a negative working environment, or all the above.

For this reason, you must spend time looking for a job that not only suits your skills and experience but triggers your passion and complements your wants and needs. If you are unsure about the best occupation for you, it might be beneficial to consult a career advisor who can help to narrow down your options or point you in the right direction.

You could also read various job specifications to identify a career that suits your personality and ambition, and it could offer an indication of the qualifications or experience you will need to gain to secure the desired role.

Secure Transferable Skills

Are you unsure about the right occupation for you? Embark on a course that provides superb job flexibility and can help you to develop many transferable skills.

For example, if you want to enjoy a rewarding corporate career, consider a graduate diploma in project management from Southern Cross University. During your time on the course, you will learn about various project management principles, such as quality control and risk, contract management, and portfolio and program management.

You will, therefore, possess many sought-after skills business owners are looking for when managing projects. What’s more, you could take your pick from the following careers:

  • Project administrator
  • Business intelligence consultant
  • Project analyst
  • Senior project manager
  • PMO Manager
Make Sure a Job is the Right Fit

If you go through the interview process and are offered the job, take the time to evaluate the company’s offer before you say yes. Ask yourself if you will be genuinely happy in the role and if it fits your career aspirations.

If a salary isn’t right or the role offers a poor work/life balance, it is unlikely you will feel fulfilled in the role. If it is not 100% right for you, try to renegotiate an employer’s offer, such as flexible working hours, a higher salary or travel expenses.

It is also essential to trust your instincts. If you don’t like the company culture, the employees, or believe an employer’s promises, it might be beneficial to cut your losses and return to the drawing board.

Choose an Occupation to Suit Your Core Values

If a job goes against your core values, it is likely you will never feel 100% happy in the role. For example, if you view quality family time as a core value, but need to travel for weeks or months at a time for work, this career will not support your core values and will more than likely make you feel dissatisfied in a role. Avoid frustration and unhappiness by identifying your core values and then find a job to suit your needs.


Volunteering will provide an opportunity to build on your skill set, work in different settings, and identify your strengths and weaknesses. What’s more, it could introduce you to different people, who could help you climb the career ladder.

For example, if you are considering entering healthcare, volunteer at a local hospital to identify the level of hard work, passion, and dedication required each day by doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and more. You can then decide whether to pursue a career in healthcare or to turn your attention to another field.


If a career doesn’t make you feel a buzz of excitement, you more than likely will not be 100% happy in the role. Rather than settling for a paycheck, aim to find a career that feels more like a hobby than a job. So, find a role that taps into your passions, complements your core values, and offers superb career prospects. The right role is out there, but it is up to you to find it.


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