How to prepare for that important meeting abroad

How to prepare for that important meeting abroad – words Al Woods

When it comes to preparing for a corporate meeting abroad, there are some essential factors to take into consideration before you go.

While you’re more than likely familiar with common business practices at home, you are less likely to be aware of all of the ways things are conducted abroad.

But don’t worry; several people will be in the same boat as you. Corporate business travel management is just one relatively inexpensive way in which you can ensure your corporate meeting abroad goes to plan. If you are planning to travel overseas, here’s how you can prepare for a corporate meeting abroad.


Create an Itinerary

There’s nothing like a face-to-face meeting with a client or customer. But, even the most minor mistakes can cost you valuable time and money you probably don’t want to waste. Luckily, creating a well-planned itinerary will help ensure corporate meetings abroad run as smoothly as possible. Unique business ideas are great but presentation is equally important. In order to prepare accordingly, business men and women should think about what they aim to achieve, and their agenda priorities. Generally, it is better to have two to three appointments (or meetings) confirmed up to two months in advance, ensuring they are spaced comfortably throughout the day or time spent abroad, allowing a buffer for any unexpected occurrences.

Find information on the culture

Before you travel, invest some time in learning about the history and culture of the country you are visiting by attending cross-cultural seminars, or if this isn’t possible, a search on the web can still be effective. Ensure you are aware of the differences in negotiating styles and attitudes towards punctuality, as well as understand the use of names and title. While the Japanese consider it rude to be late for a business meeting, in Latin countries, being late for a business meeting is more acceptable.

Check travel advisories

Before you even plan a corporate meeting abroad, check travel advisories. Governments across the world issue advisories regarding safety concerns that may affect travel to and from a particular region or country. They are released for a series of reasons, including the threat of terrorism, likelihood of natural disasters, political unrest, risk of war and health-related emergencies. However, these advisories don’t always apply to the entire country, so before you travel, check to find out exactly where the advisory applies.

Plan ahead to stay connected abroad

Successful preparation for corporate meetings abroad could be as simple as making guests aware that a plug or adapter may be needed to charge laptops and mobile phones abroad. While this may seem obvious to some, others get caught up at work and completely forget.

To find out about additional international options for business trip, contact your cell phone provider. You may be able to sign-up to a temporary mobile phone plan for the duration of your visit to another country, to ensure you are able to make international phone calls abroad with ease.

Get a visa

Depending on where you’re corporate meeting is commencing, some foreign countries require business men and women to apply for a visa before they travel. However, the rules for each country vary significantly. The best method to prepare in advance involves calling the consulate for the country you are traveling to. More often than not, you will be asked to apply for the visa in person – and not online. To avoid wasting time, ensure you’ve prepared all the relevant documents.

How to prepare for that important meeting abroad – words Al Woods


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