Over 80% of Brits look into a stranger’s house if the curtains are open

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Have you ever been on a walk around your local area and accidently caught yourself peering into someone else’s home? Don’t worry if you said yes because it seems as though you’re not alone!

A survey from VELUX window specialists, Burton Roofing revealed some rather interesting finds around how often we peak and whether or not we should be doing more to protect our privacy from those nosy neighbours.

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Privacy is a fundamental right in people’s lives

Although we’d like to think we’re being totally private in our homes, it seems as though some of us are missing the mark a little. According to the findings of the survey of over 2000 Brits, almost a third don’t close their downstairs curtains or blinds at night! Are we just inviting people to peer into our homes?

It seems as though it’s not just our downstairs areas either, as they also found at almost a quarter of those surveyed don’t close their bedroom curtains at night either, with almost half (48%) not closing their blinds or curtains when their changing clothes. Whether you aren’t concerned about people peeking or you are assured that people can’t see, perhaps us brits are far more confident in our own skin than we care to admit.

Let’s face it, from these results it’s safe to say we should probably take a little bit more care with our privacy, as 81% of brits said they would definitely look into a window if the blinds or curtains are open.

Are you a peeping tom?

The results might shock you, but we’re all guilty of peering into a house. Whether that’s because we’re curious about what the inside looks like or we’re just nosy, many of us have to admit we’ve done it in the past.

The survey discovered that women are in fact slightly nosier than men, with 84% saying they’d look through a window if the opportunity were there, as opposed to 78% of men who would do the same. Although slightly different, both results are still shockingly high!


Do you always close the curtains when you need to?

It may frighten you to think that so many people may be looking into your home, but did you ever stop to consider whether or not you always close the curtains when you need to be? It seems as though a lot of us aren’t.

The survey found that men are more likely to keep their downstairs curtains open at night, and are also more likely to keep their bedroom curtains open at night too. Surprisingly, it’s a close call between who spends the most time getting changed with their curtains or blinds open, with 54% of men doing it and 43% of women. Perhaps we like showing off more than we’d care to admit.

Should people be better at protecting their privacy?

We’re all guilty of forgetting to close the curtains, blinds or shutters on a night. Whether you’ve had a long day at work or been busy running around after little ones all day, it’s not always at the forefront of our minds.

With data protection and privacy online being such a hot topic, you would imagine that people are just as concerned about their privacy at home. However, these survey results would indicate otherwise.


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