Car Safety Measures Motorists Should Consider

words Al Woods

With so many modern safety features available in cars – from lane-changing assistance to airbags – it is tempting to think that you and your passengers are fully protected when you are out on the road.

Although it is certainly correct to say that the current generation of cars are safer than anything that has gone before, this does not mean that motorists should avoid having basic checks carried out. What are the car safety measures you should be most concerned with?

Car Safety

Tyre Safety

It is important that your car’s tyres are not balding because this is illegal. However, many car owners don’t realise that even a small patch of deteriorated tread could make their car unsafe. Indeed, even tyre tread which is not fully depleted can cause problems with grip, especially in wet driving conditions. This is because the amount of water that partially worn down tyres can shift is lower so you get less traction on the road. Confirm your tyre tread depth with a gauge and replace any that are approaching the end of their lives before your safety is compromised

ADAS Calibration

Modern cars have a multitude of high-tech safety systems that monitor your lane position or notify you when something is in your blind spot. These systems can also protect pedestrians as well as other road users and they usually come under the umbrella term of ADAS. However, without fine-tuning your ADAS systems, they will not work as well. As such, you need to have them calibrated once in a while to remain as safe as possible. The professional staff available at Jet Wheel Tyre garage can help you install an ADAS calibration system in your car to make sure everything is working optimally.

Car Safety

Lighting Checks

All too often, motorists take to the road in good light conditions only to become less safe when it gets dark. This will often come down to a wiring fault or a blown out bulb that means headlights or indicator lights don’t come on properly. Check all of your lights regularly including your brake and reversing lamps, ones which often get forgotten about.