Bathroom Mirrors You’ll Love in 2021

words Alexa Wang

New year, new bathroom mirror? With many of us spending more time at home than ever before, it’s no surprise that a lot of home projects are being undertaken. Some of us are doing full-on home renovations, while some of us are just looking for a way to jazz things up and give your bathrooms a bit of a birthday.

So, whether you’re in full reno mode, or you’re just looking to refresh the room, let us tell you about some of our favourite bathroom mirrors for 2021.

Bring Back the Classics

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when looking for a bathroom mirror, so why not make it simple and opt for something that is always going to be in style – like a black framed mirror in a classic shape?  Black is a classic colour that can either blend in easily or be the bold focal point of your bathroom. See two of our favourite classic black framed mirrors below.

1.     Milan Metal Black Frame Rectangle Bathroom Mirror
Bathroom Mirrors

Available in one size – W750 x H90

Black is classic, and so is a rectangular shaped mirror. With the Milan Metal Black Frame bathroom mirror you’ll find yourself with a mirror that will work in any bathroom.  The smooth clean-cut lines are sleek enough that this mirror can either blend in or be the focal point that ties the room together. The frame of this mirror is a black matter powder coat finish steel frame, making it perfect for the humidity of your bathroom. 

2.     Classic Black Frame Round Mirror
Bathroom Mirrors 2021

Available in 4 sizes – 50cm/60cm/70cm/80cm/90cm

With classic in the name, you know you’re on the right track. A round mirror is an excellent option for a bathroom.  Practical, with a somewhat nautical feel to it, a round mirror is always a focal point of any room.  The curves of its shape can help soften sharp modern features of a room and while the shape may make it a focal point. Paired with a thin black frame, a classic black framed round mirror like this one makes it a classic option with a twist.

The Classic Black Frame Round Mirror featured above features a thin wooden black frame, and silver-plating technology, which makes it built to last in your bathroom.

Seamless Minimalistic Modernity

A frameless mirror has this ability to both blend in and stand out in an uncanny way. Without commitment to particular colours or materials, a frameless mirror can be at home in any style bathroom, seamlessly finding its place amongst your bathrooms style details. Yet, it’s clean-cut lines, and minimalistic look captures your attention. Simplicity goes a long way. One of our favourite frameless mirrors come from the Signature Tyler Polished Edge range below:

1.     Signature Tyler Polished Edge Round Bathroom Mirror
Bathroom Mirrors

Available in 5 sizes – 400mm / 500mm / 600mm / 700mm / 800mm / 900mm

 2.     Signature Tyler Polished Edge Rectangle Bathroom Mirror
mirrors 2021

Available in 6 sizes – W1200 x 750H / W1500 x 750H / W600 x H600 / W600 x 750H / W750 x H750 / W900 x H750

The Signature Tyler Polished Edge bathroom mirror range is available in both a round and rectangular shape. Each shape can provide a completely different look and feel to your bathroom, but ultimately, they will both look modern, minimalistic, and most importantly, they work hard. Without a frame cutting off the reflection, the mirror isn’t overwhelmed by detail and is able to capture the light of any space and extend it greatly, providing a spacious and airy feel to your space.

Elegance and Opulence

The beauty of a mirror is that it can be both practical and functional while also being a thing of beauty and the focal point of any room. You can express your individual style in a mirror and give an insight into who you are.

The great news is that the mirror’s most important job, of being able to show you your reflection, is easily achieved, so why not opt for a mirror style that is a little more unique and you?  Opt for a mirror that will stand out while also being incredibly practical.

Some of our favourite mirrors with style at the forefront include:

1.     Signature Susan Polished Bevel Edge Bathroom Mirror
Bathroom Mirrors

Available in 6 sizes – W600 x H750/ W600 x H900/ W750 x H750/ W900 x H750/ W1200 x H750/ W1500 x H750

A bevel edged mirror is a bit of a compromise between a framed mirror and a frameless one. With the benefits of a frameless mirror, that endless feel and no commitment to colours, combined with the frame feel of a bevel edge, you’re getting a mirror that is the best of both worlds.

There is also a feel of elegance with a bevel edged mirror. Subtle opulence is achieved without having to commit to a fully ornate intricate design. And our Signature Susan mirror is made from high quality materials – copper free Australian Glass and 6mm Viridian Silver, which will ensure longevity as well as that sophistication.

2.     Teresa Art Deco Wall Mirror
Bathroom Mirrors

Available in one size W650 x H900

The Teresa Art Deco Wall Mirror is a way to dip your toe into a strong style element, like Art Deco, without having to take a full-on plunge. With subtle design features and a traditional shape, this mirror will still blend well into most spaces as there is no frame colour to commit and work with.  The aesthetically designed décor of the mirror has a noticeable impact and will make sure that the mirror is the focal point of the room, but the subtleness of this design will still allow it to work in almost any space.

Simple, elegant, and able to be hung either vertically or horizontally makes this mirror a great choice for someone who wants to step away from the standard.

Innovation and Overwhelming Practicality

Like we said earlier, the bathroom mirror world has seen a lot of innovation and essentially made it the workhorse of the room. Advancements have seen demister pads fitted to stop mirrors fogging up, back and front lighting has been built into many styles and even smart mirrors have been created!

So why not make your bathroom mirror work twice as hard by opting for one of the below innovative and practical bathroom mirrors.

1.Round Single Door Cabinet
best Bathroom Mirrors

Available in one size – (Mirror) 60cm Diameter, (Cabinet) 40cm Width x 40cm Height

Medicine cabinet style mirrors are hardly new, however, as time has passed so too has the design of a storage mirror.  A simple style like the Round Single Door Cabinet Bathroom mirror can give the bathroom that extra storage that we’re all screaming for, but it does this in a subtle way. By having the mirror completely cover any trace of the storage cabinet it conceals, this allows you to have all your grooming essentials within easy and reach and hidden away from prying eyes.

Featuring an adjustable shelf so you can fit whatever you need, this mirror is a surefire way to stop those bathroom arguments over storage.

2.     Rear Soft Glow Oval LED Backlit Mirror
Bathroom Mirrors

Available in one size – W500 x H1000

A mirror that is backlit with LED lights is a practical and delightful option for any bathroom. The extra light that these can produce will brighten up the room, and the bathroom is one room in our homes that could always do with more light. However, the light produced can be controlled with different lighting options, so the mirror can act as the only light source for the room or it can create a warmth and glow with a soft light.

Opting for the Rear Soft Glow Oval shaped mirror, you’re really stepping into the future, both in the innovation of the mirror, but the shape itself.  Being both practical like a rectangular mirror, with the ability to draw the eye like a round mirror does, an oval mirror will transport you and your bathroom space to the future. And if that’s not enough, the LED lighting uses a low amount of energy, making this mirror friendly to your bank account!

If you’re on the hunt for bathroom mirrors in Australia, look no further than Luxe Mirrors.  The team at Luxe not only have a huge range of bathroom mirrors available to you, but they are also on hand to help you find the perfect mirror for your home.


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