Make Your Own Basketball Team Shirts – Here’s How

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Make Basketball Team Shirts

Basketball has become a well-loved sport around the world. Thanks to the efforts made by well-known players in the NBA, we have come to root for our favorite NBA teams. This also inspires us to think of shirt designs for our own local basketball teams. 

This is the reason why custom t-shirt printing services have a high demand from basketball and sports fans. A benefit of a customized t-shirt print, according to experts printing T-Shirt Supplier,, is seeing your own design being given life to inspire you and our team to achieve more success. We’ll show here how to make your own basketball team shirts and make a unique and inspiring team logo design.

Create Your Design Template

The first thing you need to present to the funding committee when you want to make your own basketball shirts is to present a design template for the shirts. There are various types of shirt design and editing software that you can use to create logos and images that you want to use for the team shirts. To make your design template more convincing and receive fast approval for funding, it’s not just enough to show what the design looks like. You also need to show how the design looks like when printed on a shirt and worn by a person. Don’t stop by showing the designs being superimposed on shirts or jerseys, make the design template have more impact when you present it as being worn by a person or a model.

Select the Printing Method

Once you have secured the funding for your team’s shirt prints, it’s time to consider which printing method can bring out the best quality for your team. While you may also be thinking of how your shirt design can make an impact on its wearers, the audience and the people supporting your team, your current budget has a big weight when it comes to the printing method you will ultimately choose.

  • Screen Printing

When it comes to matters of budget and efficiency, the silk screen printing method is the choice of most team managers or those tasked with handling the team t-shirt creation. Team shirts encompass not only the basketball team members but also the coaching staff committees and sponsors of the team. With their numbers considered your custom shirt printing orders will now become a bulk order. This is where the cost-efficiency of screen printing comes in. When it comes to the quality of the print output, the limitation of this printing method is that it cannot handle complex, multi-colored designs. Nevertheless, if your chosen design is simple and with basic color combinations, the silk screen printing method is your best bet.

  • Dye Sublimation

If your t-shirt print design has complex designs and color combinations, then dye sublimation could be a good printing option for your team shirts. Because this printing method goes well with polyester, your team shirt can double as a team practice shirt. Polyester is the predominantly used fabric when it comes to sportswear because of its comfort and wicking properties. This means that you will not have that sticky, soaked feeling while you work up a good sweat. Also, since your team shirt will have to be made of polyester, and not from natural fibers, it serves a dual purpose of being casual team wear and sportswear for practices and warmups. While dye sublimation may be quite a costly printing option, it is still economically efficient because you will not need to procure different shirts for sport and non-sport use. 

  • Digital Heat Transfer Printing

If your team shirt design includes the names of the team members and their numbers, this is the recommended printing method. Also, when it comes to a full-colored t-shirt design that includes color gradients, digital heat transfer printing can handle it pretty well. Also, as complex as the process may sound, it is actually a cost-effective printing method for shirt print orders that are in small quantities (preferably 20 pieces of below). The printing method incorporates the use of a special paper called the heat transfer paper, where your shirt design will be printed on. Using a heat press machine to heat press the printed design under high temperature onto the shirt, the process takes a relatively short time to complete, making you save resources and time.

Direct-To-Garment Printing

If you want to impress your team, sponsors, and supporters and your printing budget allows it, why not make a bold statement by having your grand shirt design completed using direct-to-garment printing (DTG)? Your full-color designs will be printed onto the shirts in full detail, as DTG printing works in the same way as a computer printer prints on paper. Even if the printed medium is cloth, you won’t lose any of the details of your design and it can be transferred on the shirt in the best possible resolution. It’s like seeing a photograph being superimposed on the shirts of players in the team.

Choose Your T-Shirt Printing Service Provider

Finding a t-shirt printing establishment over the internet may be easy, but choosing the right one will be needing research. Check on the establishment’s client, projects, and the customer feedback provided. Get in touch with other clients and inquire if they were satisfied with the printed outputs and will they be recommending the t-shirt printing service to you. Other things you should also get to consider are quality, pricing, and processing time. Check out the apparel worn by users who subscribed to their services and observe the craftsmanship and quality of the prints. Also, check if they are willing to work with you on the best possible prints possible with your current budget. Lastly, check if they have a history of consistently delivering the finished prints on or before their promised lead time.

Make Basketball Team Shirts

There are many factors to consider when it comes to having custom prints made on your basketball team shirts. The printing methods available, the price for multiple prints, how much your budget is for t-shirt printing, and many other considerations must be kept in mind. In the case of the t-shirt printing service providers, we have to factor in the professionalism, quality, and efficiency of the providers. All, these thighs considered, you are now on your way to making shirt designs that can inspire your basketball team to excel and succeed.


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