Mark the start of your day on a happy note with these tips

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Feeling happy and energised throughout the day is almost impossible. But if you choose otherwise, it is achievable.

We all have times and moments when several thoughts trigger our insecurities and fears, which might even ruin the rest of the day for us. While we can’t entirely control the occurrence of our thoughts, we do have the ability to mould them according to our needs.

You have the power to start and end your day with a happy thought. That said, we bring you a list of self-affirmative ideas that will enable you to start your day on a fresh and happy note.

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Sleep enough

A good morning doesn’t exactly start with the morning; its roots lie in the night before.

Getting enough sleep is crucial for a happy morning. When you are fully relaxed and refreshed, you won’t be in a grumpy mood. This is an essential first step towards a day full of happiness and excitement.

Start your day with a smile

Many surveys suggest that when you wake up with a big smile on your face, you set the mood for the rest of your day.

It’s understandable if you don’t feel happy the very instant you wake up from your beauty sleep. But, forceful smiling isn’t a bad idea. Keep it in routine and eventually, it’ll come for within you.

Set a musical alarm

What do you want to wake up to?- Your mom yelling at you because you are late as usual, a robotic alarm tune which is nothing less than irritating or a musical tone?

If it’s the last one, then set soulful alarm music so you instantly feel happy, energised and thankful for having a chance to see another morning.

be happy

Do what makes you happy

Now that you are awake with a smile on your face, and your favourite music in the background decides what would be the next move.

Your happiness is non-negotiable as it will prepare for the rest of the day. Dancing your heart out, cooking your favourite breakfast, playing with your pets and yoga & meditation are some things that top our head.

Surround yourself with nature and light

Placing a few plants inside your house can work wonders for you.

A few succulents in your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom will remind you throughout your day that you are surrounded by nature and are being cared for.

Also, when you step out of your bed, open the curtains and let the natural light illuminate your room and fill your heart with light and warmth. Doing this every morning will leave a lasting impact on you.

Consult a psychic

Many people believe in psychic readings. If you are one too, then consult one of the famous psychics before leaving for work to get inspired.

Psychic readings can change your perspective towards life and help you heal. Consulting a psychic in the morning will allow you to plan your day with more positivity and enthusiasm.

Get rid of the chaos

Before leaving your house, clean the mess in your room.

Make your bed and place every element in it’s designated area to give your room a desirable look. Leaving a tidy and well-put-together home will calm your mind.

It’s a proven fact that when you begin your day in a happy and gratitude-filled mood, the rest of it tends to be pleasant and enjoyable as well. If you don’t feel happy naturally every morning, use these tips and fake it till you make it!


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