Who needs plastic surgey? – Some alternative cosmetic treatments

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words Alice Wall

Let’s play a game: try looking at some photos of the world’s most famous celebrities and guess which cosmetic treatment they have undergone. Can you name them?

Probably not. In today’s cosmetic industry, plastic surgeons offer a number of treatments that are not as invasive as they used to be, yet are proving to be extremely effective.

If you’re after non-surgical alternative cosmetic treatments that are good for you and your body, look no further: here are four of the most effective and reliable on the market. The alternatives to plastic surgery procedures are out there and are improving all the time.

Erase those wrinkles

You don’t always need to go under the knife to get rid of the wrinkles that keep tormenting your smile and appear around your bright and still youthful eyes. Chosen by over a million Americans last year, botox is the kind of solution that can be labelled as both worry and risk-free. It works simply through injections of botulinum bacteria, which relax the underlying muscles and little by little erase the marks appearing over your skin.

Marks no more

For as light as they might seem, superficial skin marks can be just as annoying as the deepest ones if showing over a very visible area such as your face. If you have some mild acne scars or brown spots, you might want to consider microdermabrasion. This is a very easy and affordable procedure which involves scrubbing your face with a rough paste which helps you peel off the most superficial layer of the skin. This will be eventually replaced by the younger and softer skin lying beneath it.

Get a better tone…

Some treatments will have more than one positive effect without even you needing to worry about a recovery window for your skin to get back to normal. This is the case for nonablative laser, which used to be seen negatively by patients because it’s marginally painful and requires the application of a numbing substance during the procedure. Yet the effects will be beneficial in the long run as the procedure reduces wrinkles and improves vastly the overall tone of your skin. Again, no knives involved: with a price-tag starting at $1,000, nonablative laser is becoming increasingly more popular. There are other cosmetic treatments you can get online and this guide from Revitalize You MD will be able to help you out.

…and even a better nose

Nose jobs are among the most popular surgical operations, so hearing that non-surgical alternative cosmetic treatments are actually very effective can be surprising for many and making cosmetics industry news headlines around the world. For non surgical nose jobs, dermal fillers such as radiesse or sculptra are used to make the nose line smoother and more graceful. Such procedures have been hailed as ‘revolutionary’ by the specialised press and are proving very successful among 20 and 30 year-olds, who are generally more reluctant to undergo more drastic treatments.



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