Learning more about yourself is a valid pursuit

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Learn about yourself

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When we think of the progression of our lives and lifestyles, it’s easy for us to come to the conclusion that life isn’t as much about finding yourself as it is about creating yourself. For instance, we may not have been born a brand manager for a large design firm, but we can certainly learn how to become one and enjoy a worthwhile career in that space. Sooner or later, we all have to make the decisions that guide us.

But learning more about yourself as a stock definition can often be a valid pursuit in itself, because after all we do spring from somewhere, not solely from our parents. We belong to a time, with history influencing it, and an environment shaped by all kinds of factors. We also belong to some stereotypes or best-known considerations, such as the very many factors that make British people, Brits.

So how can you go about delving into your history and figuring out what has relevance to your place here on Earth, and what might value could this have? That’s a topic we hope to explore below:

Figure Out What Makes You Tick

We all have our interests and hobbies we like to curate. There are elements of every task we do that we both like and dislike accordingly. For instance, you may adore cooking, but the idea of washing up all of your dishes afterward may not be something you actively look forward to. For another person, washing up provides a great time to be alone and listen to podcasts or a good audiobook, and so it’s a nice treat after a good meal. It’s important to figure out what makes you tick, because it might not be the same as someone else. What others consider a chore, you may like.

This can help you learn more about your personality. Do you keep your work desk tidy and organized, as well as your home environment? Odds are you’re an orderly person who enjoys putting things together. Do you recharge your social battery when with people, or when at home alone? This may suggest that you’re either an extrovert or introvert accordingly. When we pay attention to ourselves like this, we can come to more profound conclusions, and from there benefit as a result.

Learning more about yourself

Burn Off The Personality ‘Dead Wood’

All of us have personality ‘dead wood’ no matter how much we try to be authentic. It can be nice to burn this off once in a while to reveal just who we are underneath. For instance, it might have been that we had a hobby in childhood we were made fun of for, and since then we have felt the need to justify it to anyone we come across. But do we really need to do that?

For instance, gender roles and interests are often borders that people feel uncomfortable with talking about. Let’s say you’re a 30-year-old, gruff male firefighter. You’re in a tough job, with tough people. But you love to practice ballet dancing, because you love the exercise, the grace and the composure involved with that. Your friends would likely think this is cool and an interesting side hobby, but because you were made fun of it in your formative years by other boys, you feel as though it’s something to hide. Is it? Or is it a skill that many people cannot practice, something that gives you extraordinary levels of fitness?

The more we assess our impressions and behaviors like this, the more we can begin to truly settle into who we are without apology. It might take some time, but the removal of unnecessary lifestyle worries can sometimes be a longer process that we had anticipated. With that in mind, you’re sure to benefit.

Keep A Journal

Keep a journal if you have time to. Remember, you needn’t write the volume of words found in Moby Dick in order to come to some worthwhile conclusions about your experience. You needn’t force yourself to come to those conclusions at all, it’s a natural symptom of writing and reflecting on your day. You can write as much or as little as you like. Perhaps one night you’ll just write what you had for dinner that day. Another night you may write about your experience in romance and just how your experiences have shaped you.

The truth is that when we sit on these journals just a little and then read them up to a month later, we gain true insight into our character and what we may have been going through at the time. This, for reasons that aren’t hard to understand, can give you a greater understanding of who you are, and also who you wish to be.

With this advice, you’ll be sure to learn more about yourself as a valid pursuit.


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