Murdoch Troon warm friendly bespoke kitchen services

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bespoke kitchen services

For many years, the name of Murdoch Troon has represented creative quality and innovative, functional kitchen designs. These warm, inviting kitchen environments contain 100 percent solid pine timber furnishings. Handsome and stylish, the sturdy glowing pine cabinets, cupboards, and shelving are enhanced by lustrous hardwood counters and benchtops nearby. With each new season, highly desirable new kitchen conveniences combine with traditional functionality and quality in these bespoke designs.

Crafted and delivered by the ingenious designers and artisans of Murdoch Troon Kitchens, these bespoke handmade kitchens London completely satisfy and often surpass the customer’s preferences, needs and expectations. This fine team of designers, builders and artisans craft and install these highly attractive yet practical kitchen interiors across the greater part of England. Their customised built-in and free-standing furnishings and accessories will create the bright, uplifting bespoke wooden kitchens design that you envision.

Unique Qualities of Murdoch Troon Kitchens

In an age of harsh, cold surfaces and synthetic materials, the warmth and beauty of your natural wood kitchen decor will stand out for its pure character and appeal. The team of artful experts at Murdoch Troon can also transform an older, outdated kitchen interior into the most popular room in your home for food preparation, family chats and good times shared with friends and neighbors. The room’s fresh, natural interior and vibrant ambiance as a bespoke wooden kitchens design will delight anyone who enters your home.

Your radiant new, welcoming kitchen will be a home chef’s paradise and a designer’s masterpiece to be admired and enjoyed by one and all, for a very reasonable cost. Murdoch Troon prices are competitive with those of large mainstream commercial manufacturers of standard kitchen furnishings and fittings.This excellent kitchen design company is also known for its strong focus on customer service.

To this top-tier kitchen interior styling team, fully meeting each customer’s needs, desires and dreams is the ultimate goal of every new project.

bespoke kitchen services

Vitality and Charm of Murdoch Troon Kitchen Designs

The wide array of kitchen designs from this specialised design company include stylish Bespoke Large Kitchens, comfortable Family Kitchen Diners and Charming Farm House / Barn Kitchens. Bespoke Large Kitchen interiors are carefully customised to ensure that every appliance, cabinet, island or other item of decor fits perfectly into the space. The style and placement of every item complement the overall interior design.

Counter and benchtop space is a top priority in every kitchen design along with optimal storage areas to accommodate your small kitchen appliances, cookware and utensils. Spacious and friendly Family Kitchen Diners are normally the hub of activity in homes. For this reason, your skillful design team will ensure that this room includes plenty of comfortable and attractive solid pine kitchen-bar chairs and stools. This welcoming bar-counter space encourages casual, relaxed conversation over favorite snacks and beverages.

If your preference is a friendly Farm House / Barn Kitchen, your expert planners and designers will devise the ideal large, open interior complete with overhead rustic timber beams and hanging lantern lamps if you like. If your home’s interior permits, your design team will emphasise the tall barn-style ceiling, balancing this vaulted space with generous, spacious cabinetry, standing cupboards and a large-scale kitchen island, range, fridge, freezer and custom-styled deep country sink.

Bespoke Large Kitchens are generally priced from £7,425 to £14,000, while prices for Family Kitchen Diners normally range from £8,000 to £14,000. Farm House / Barn Kitchens are usually priced from £7,425 to £12,750.

Frequently Requested Kitchen Interiors from Murdoch Troon

Popular and frequently requested Murdoch Troon kitchen design modes include the following unique styles:

Classic Cottage Style Kitchens. If you have a charming country-style cottage, the Murdoch Troon Classic Cottage Style Kitchen will brighten and enliven its interior. For anyone living in a home with rustic design and decor, this warm, relaxed and traditional kitchen style will add a cheerful, pleasing environment for food preparation and cooking.

bespoke kitchen design

This excellent design and handcrafting team will include every available space in your kitchen, large or small, in their plans for the creation of your beautiful bespoke room design. Every cabinet unit, shelving style and kitchen island design will utilise the size and shape of your cottage style kitchens design to best advantage.

While optimising cupboard and pantry space, they will ensure that your food prepping and cooking areas are both highly fashionable and functional. By choosing a customised interior, you can enjoy the results of a unique, carefully planned kitchen layout. It can be far more flexible for meeting your daily needs as you use your stunning, updated appliances in combination with smaller, portable cooking equipment and devices.

Pricing for each one-of-a-kind Classic Cottage Style Kitchen ranges from £6,375 to £10,500.

• Shabby Chic Kitchens. If you prefer a freer, less permanently fitted style for your kitchen, this savvy design team will create the ideal freestanding kitchen units for a popular Shabby Chic Kitchen interior. When they arrange these custom-crafted units in your kitchen, the free spaces in and around these unique furnishings will emphasise and enhance the artful skill and expertise of each individual piece’s craftsmanship.

bespoke kitchens

Your new, specialised kitchen interior will have a definite fashion and flair of its very own. Every handcrafted unit created for your meal prepping and cooking spaces will be made of solid, sturdy pine wood. All surfaces of these specially made units are finished to perfection with smooth, lustrous edges or left somewhat rough and rustic, according to your wishes.

With artistic use of vibrant colors and geometric shapes as cutouts or decorative carvings and patterns, these experienced artisans will produce a fascinating kitchen interior. The separate, uniquely styled yet quite functional units will work together to give your kitchen interior a cohesive, appealing ambiance and fashion statement all its own.

Shabby Chic Kitchen designs are priced from £6,375 and £9,500.

Cosy Galley Kitchens. The expert woodcraft specialists at Murdoch Troon are well-focused on creating a stylish, practical, fully customised kitchen for you. It will be perfectly aligned with the spatial requirements of your home’s layout. If your interior space calls for a Cosy Galley Kitchen, they will design, construct and hand-finish freestanding units and worktops with smaller than standardised dimensions.

Your highly skilled design team will enable you to utilise the full potential of your food preparation areas while conserving on space where necessary. These woodcraft specialists are experts at creating uniquely designed fitted and freestanding units that will fit into the most unusual and challenging of spaces. They can create beautiful kitchens, free of clutter, even within small rooms with irregular shapes and nooks.

Your kitchen design will be perfectly aligned with the spatial requirements of your home’s layout. If your interior space calls for a Cosy Galley Kitchen, the team will handcraft and finish freestanding units and worktops with smaller than standardised dimensions. They will create handsome timber shelving or country kitchen cabinets with windowed doors add a fresh, natural feeling. These cabinets will brighten the room decor when used to store and display colorful china and glassware or decorative vases and bowls.

These warm, comfortable Cosy Galley Kitchen interiors are typically priced from £5,295 to £8,500.

Bespoke Free Standing kitchen Units for Versatility and Stylish Decor

Custom-crafted, freestanding units provide practical versatility along with added style and appeal for your kitchen. Popular stand-alone units that can enhance the decor of any kitchen update include the following:

Freestanding Wall Cupboards. Murdoch Troon produces a wide variety of freestanding cupboards that are spacious while saving valuable kitchen space. If your preference is a classic style, the tongue and groove backed pine wood cupboards are most likely an ideal choice. These woodcraft specialists will custom-build an elegant classic, contemporary chic or natural rustic design in these bespoke free standing kitchen units to suit your specifications and needs.

For attractive and convenient overhead storage of your favorite china, a Plate Rack with Storage Cupboard Each Side may be perfect. You can order handsome wall cupboard units with one to four doors according to your needs. They can be customised and scaled to any required size. Sizes may range from a two-door model measuring 650 millimetres to a spacious four-door unit of 1750 millimetres.

Pricing for different styles in wall cupboards ranges from £810.00 to £1,080.00.

Kitchen Islands. Elegant or casual bespoke kitchen island designs can be created to comply with your preferences and needs. Murdoch Troon experts will produce a stunning island design to meet your exact requirements. Your beautiful food prepping and serving island can include a lustrous wood counter-top and plenty of storage cabinetry, shelves or drawers if you like.

Your choice may be a classic butcher’s block island counter-top with drawers or runner-operated baskets below. The company’s Butcher’s Block with Two Shelves is a very popular design. This island’s legs measure 70 millimetres square with neatly chamfered edges.

Another favorite is a custom-made Freestanding Kitchen Island Unit with a series of doors, shelves and drawers beneath. The worktop’s edging is completely rounded, including the corners. This lustrous timber counter is coated with a protective waterproofing agent, Osmo, and multiple layers of clear Osmo oil. This highly appealing bespoke kitchen island creates a bright, welcoming and practical center of attention to enhance your overall room decor.

Butcher’s Block with Two Shelves Islands range in price from £800.00 to £950.00, and Freestanding Kitchen Island Units are priced between £1,490.00 and £1,750.00.

When you engage the fine quality services of Murdoch Troon’s design and woodcraft experts for bespoke handmade kitchens London, you will receive excellent results. Your new customised kitchen design and decor will display the superb creative style and precision craftsmanship for which this leading company team is widely known. Your radiant new room interior will glow with the unique fashion and flair that you have long envisioned for the beautiful home kitchen of your dreams.

You can contact this expert, friendly company team by phone, by email or by visiting the company website at   


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